Practical Reading Before Traveling To Sausalito, California

One of the gems of San Francisco Bay area is the charming little town called Sausalito. This enchanting vacation spot is located in Marin County, in the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, California, in the United States. A great place to explore houseboats and marinas, scenic beaches and beautiful redwoods and one of the most visited places: the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

When you are visiting this excellent destination, you should learn some basic things about it. First, it is important to know about the best attractions to enjoy there. Second, the most famous and typical things to do for visitors and then finally, one of the best places to stay in this great location. In this essential article, you’ll learn about those three important things and learn why this location will probably be your next vacation spot.  Read on!.

What is your very first lodging option when choosing  a place to stay in Sausalito ? Maybe it is a classic hotel, so you are ready to make some hotel reservations in Sausalito. But have you considered a different lodging option? Sausalito vacation rentals can be a great choice. A Sausalito vacation house will be definitely cheaper than a regular hotel and you will gain privacy and a home-like experience.  A Sausalito bed and breakfast will be a better option if you are trying to reduce lodging expenses.  Please, consider every lodging option and choose one according to your needs.

If you are staying in Sausalito chalet with children, you will have a blast visiting the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Designed for kids, this one-of-the-kind indoor/outdoor museum offers unique programs of hands-on art, science exhibitions, performances and cultural events.

Those who are looking for something different, should visit Bacchus & Venus. In this beautiful art gallerie tourists will admire different and interesting art, enjoy great views of the sea, and taste and shop some great wines from small wineries, along with great food too. It is a little bit pricey but worth of every penny.

Those who are interested in learn about US Military History should visit SF-88L, a very well preserved Nike missile launch place situated in Fort Barry in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The tour of this amazing show about the Cold War will take just one hour. Tourist will admire the missile launch pad and elevator that are still working.

Those who love history shouldn’t miss the Alcatraz Island and of course, its world famous prison. Book in advance and use the official website (26$ pp) which includes the audio tour. It’s narrated by 4 ex-convicts and 4 ex-employees and it has all sorts of sound effects to make it sound real. Some visitors recommend to book the night tour which is more exciting, specially in a foggy night.

Marine Mammal Center is the biggest of 6 amazing places that has the mission of rescuing and rehabilitating seals, sea lions and elephant seals that are always found along the California coast, sick or hurt. This amazing place is maybe the very first spot to visit for those who love animals. It is a very interesting, educational place, and very inspirational one. It has free admission but they accept donations.

Because of the current state of the economy, comparison shopping plays a huge role in consumer’s conclusions.

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