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Vieques, Puerto Rico

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The video above covers a good overview of the city of Vieques, Puerto Rico. If you are considering a trip to this city, make sure you watch it. We hope you appreciate it!

Find a place to stay in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Why don’t you consider a vacation trip to an awesome little island in the Caribbean, no visa required? Vieques is definitely an remarkable little island that is part of Puerto Rico located in the northeastern Caribbean, and it is part of an island grouping commonly known as as the Spanish Virgin Islands.

In this short review about Vieques you will find the best things to do and places to visit in this great area. It is very important to know about the most traditional and typical activities that every tourist should checking out before leaving this destination, because every vacation spot has great landmarks and historical places that should not be missed.

Absolutely the best and most cost-effective place to stay in a vacation spot like Vieques, it is a private vacation rental. A vacation rental is a private property that tourists rent straight from an owner. It’s a great way to obtain more privacy and better rates. Vieques vacation rentals are homes away from homes and tourists will improve their stay in a way that more and more travelers all over the world are chosing right now.

Also known as “Isla Nena”, Vieques is a lovely and untainted island luring travelers with pristine deserted beaches and excellent settings for water sports. It’s also home to an old Spanish fort, the Bioluminescent Bay and the finest Vieques villa rentals. Please read on to find about the biggest attractions in Vieques.

Deserted sugary beaches are the island’s main attraction providing Vieques inn guests with wonderful spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. Esperanza Beach, Sun Bay Beach and Blue Beach are some of the best beaches in the island featuring wide stretches of white sand and turquoise waters. Wild horses which roam free over parts of the island are a common view.

Those who love to visit a museum and learn about the place that are visiting will love Fortin Conde de Mirasol Museum. It is a beautiful and historic place that every tourist should visit. It’s situated at the East of the main island of Puerto Rico. It is a quite interesting building, ideal for a rainy day or when you get fed up of the sun.

The Bioluminescent Bay is one of the world’s largest and brightest bays. Its luminescence is caused by micro-organisms that glow every time when water is disturbed. The Spanish believed that the glow was work of the Devil and tried to block the ocean’s waters from entering the bay. Today this stunning bay is the perfect spot for kayaking and swimming.

Situated on a beautiful hill in the northern part of the Isabel Segunda, the main town on the island of Vieques, there is a lovely lighthouse called Punta Mulas. It was constructed in 1896 and it has been amazingly rebuilted and converted in a great little museum. It features the maritime history of Vieques and the Americas, plus a great collection of all kinds of historic items.

People who love being in the midst of the wildlife, should visit Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. It is definitely one of the most visited places in Vieques. It’s stunning and unspoiled beaches, ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, awe-inspiring views, and great fishing zones, plenty of vegetation and birds.

More than ever before, tourists needs to have an opportunity to consider a different kind of lodging. There is more that those typical lodging options. An hotel room can be a primary and common idea but a vacation rental is highly recommended.

As an example, below you will find a place to stay in Vieques.

Vieques vacation home
: For people with nature in their hearts. Casa de Playa is nestled in an enchanted, natural oceanfront setting in Vieques Puerto Rico. This newly-renovated Vieques vacation rental has two furnished bedrooms, one bathroom, an outside shower, and a laundry room. We offer our guests internet service, a bit of A/C with lighted ceiling fans, and a private land line. Our chef-kitchen is well-stocked and fun to use, and the dining, lounge and playroom area are well-furnished, bright and beautiful. We also offer a standard sized crib and small stroller for families. A wonderful covered patio faces the mysterious ocean and fanciful beach where free-ranging horses come to roll in the sand after drinking and bathing in the Laguna. This beachfront Vieques property offers gorgeous water views and is teeming with birds and wildlife. Who knows, a turtle may visit you while you swim in the warm waters, or a Caribbean egret may join you for breakfast. For more information and pictures, please take a closer look to property #208578 at rentalo.com.

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