A Handy Guide For Travelers To Saint Philip, Barbados

Saint Philip is the largest of eleven parishes of Barbados on the Caribbean located at the southeastern end of the island. Pristine beaches, lovely plantations and ancient attractions characterize this place supplying tourists with unlimited attractions.

Next, we share some interesting attractions and things to do. You will also find some useful tendencies for this fascinating destinations as well as great lodging options.

An exotic island of St Philip is a honeymooner’s paradise luring travelers with sugary beaches, countless recreational options and fine St Philip accommodations, including St Philip vacation rentals. Active travelers visit St Philip to enjoy golfing, scuba diving, helicopter rides and cave exploration. The island of Barbados is also home to numerous annual festivals, sightseeing sites and wild reserves.

Barbados is a breathtaking place for those who love nature in its natural splendor. Stunning and well maintained parks and amazing reserves are some of the main attractions of this island. One of the most visited reserves is The Barbados Wildlife Reserve which is situated in a beautiful and natural mahogany wood across the way from the Farley Hill National Park in the northern parish of St. Peter. There are some cages and the animals can be observed when they eat and play with other animals.

Often referred to as one of the “Seven Wonders of Barbados”, Harisson’s Cave is undoubtedly one of the most famous island’s attractions. This gorgeous cave offers a unique gallery of stalagmites, crystal-water streams and scenic waterfalls that fall to emerald pools. Guests can admire the cave from a special tram that takes them through the extensive system of caves.

St Philip beaches are some of the Caribbean’s finest beaches boasting wide stretches of sugary sand and excellent settings for diving. Visit Crane Beach, considered by Lifestyles of Rich and Famous as “one of the ten best beaches in the world” and enjoy snorkeling, tanning and visiting the Crane Resort & Residences standing above the beach.

St Philip is full of beautiful plantation houses which can be seen by tourists. Sam Lord’s house was built in 1820 and after it suffered a decline, it was restored by a British army officer after the World War II. Fine mahogany columns, beautiful furniture and paintings characterized this house once, some of which can still be admired.

Foursquare Distillery is the best place for those who love rum. It is located in Heritage Park. Rum, a spiritual drink, it is elaborated in this amazing place, which is more than just a Distillery, it is the perfect spot to see and experience the culture and history of Barbados. Art and craft exhibitions, food vendors and cultural displays are the main attraction surrounded the place.

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