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Ruins of Tulum

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The video above covers a superb overview of the Tulum Ruins, in Mexico. As you are planning a trip to this stunning and historic place, you really should watch it. We hope you appreciate it!

Find a place to stay in Tulum, Mexico

Perfectly located at the gorgeous Mayan Rivera, Tulum features guests the perfect combination for an unforgettable break. Seclusion and tranquility are a characteristic of this place, yet travelers will find numerous things to do and interesting activities to learn and have fun at the same time. Numerous Tulum, Mexico vacation rentals can easily be found.

Prior to to arrive to any place that a tourist is considering visiting, it’s necessary to know at least some of the most well known places to visit. At the same time it is true that everyone can discover a great thing to do or a great site to visit just out of the blue, it is very helpful to have a list of the best activities and historic sites in a any particular destination, along with the most affordable lodging options.

It is a great plan to stay in a vacation apartment in Tulum, because it is less costly than a hotel and it is undoubtedly a more home-like experience due its level of privacy and self-catering. Imagine that you will have your own kitchen to enjoy everything you want at anytime, and at cheaper prices. There are many Tulum vacation rentals to choose from, so try to evaluate and compare some of them.

If you haven’t been to Mexico, you haven’t see the beautiful things that artists can do with their hands there. From low-cost and original souvenirs made from wood to expensive crafts made with gold and silver. In Tulum you will find many little shops and large outlets to buy local antiques and crafts that will exceed your shopping expectations.

People who love nature and adventure in the same package should visit the stunning and spectacular caves found in Tulum. It is a paradise for those who love snorkeling in these geologic formations and a little scary for children and people scared of caverns. The Gran Cenote are one of many and maybe the less packed, and it’s major advantage is the fact that is close to Tulum.

Mayan Ruins of Tulum are one of the most visited places in the area. These superb testimony of the Mexican past is found at the beach and the view and the site are spectacular. The ticket is is very cheap and it is allowed to take pictures. You might need a hat and water, because there is no shade and it is very hot place.

A paradise for nature lovers, those staying at a Tulum rental should not miss a visit to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve; one of Mexico’s largest parks. It covers more than one million acres of coastal jungle and it is a sanctuary of numerous species of tropical flora and fauna. Several ancient Mayan sites have been discovered in the park and evidence of habitation dates back 2000 years.

Xcaret Park is a independently managed theme park, resort and self-described ecotourism development that will make you have a great time. This ecological park is next to the archaeological site of the same name. Some of the main attractions are: a river that goes through the Mayan village, a subterranean concrete sluice in which people can swim and snorkel with a life vest. Near the inlet there are recreational activities at the beach, snorkeling, Sea Trek and Snuba in the nearby reefs, or swimming with dolphins.

In these troubled economic times, most travelers are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging choices before determine where to stay.

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Tulum Vacation Villa: Our beautiful beachfront Tulum vacation rental, Villa Paraiso Tankah, was recently built and features an imposing hall with its big dome in bricks, enriched with a typical Mexican fountain in black stone, and of a large living-room whose glass wall overlooks the sea and the swimming pool. The full-equipped kitchen is divided into two wide and comfortable horseshoe-shaped parts and the tv set with the sky satellite system is placed in this drawing room.from the four corners of the living-room of this tulum vacation home you can get directly to the four double roomy bedrooms (all king size beds) each of them with private bathroom and air conditioning. The four bedrooms are absolutely alike for spaces and dimensions. Two of them are directly open to the sea and the swimming pool, thus enjoying a wonderful view. In the two bathrooms for the two bedrooms overlooking the sea, you will find arches in fire bricks that divide the spaces and tiles in natural fire bricks, typical of this area, different in drawings and colors, enrich the shower and the double-washbasins and toilets. Also, the two bathrooms for the other two bedrooms overlooking the tropical forest are characterized by different drawings, blue and bone-like in colors. Separated from the night area by another arched door, each of these two rooms has another independent way out open to the tropical forest. For more info and pictures, please take a closer look at property ID#176236 at

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