Practical Tips For Travellers to St Barthelemy

Also known as St. Barths, St. Barthelemy is a French island located in the Caribbean considered by many as the playground for the rich and famous. The island is one of the safest places in the world and it is full of fun things to do, excellent restaurants and St. Barts hotels.

Well before to arrive to any place that a tourist is considering visiting, it is necessary to know at least some of the most famous places to visit. Despite the fact that it is true that everyone can discover a great thing to do or a great site to visit just unintentionally, it is very helpful to have a list of the best activities and historic sites in a any particular destination, along with the most affordable lodging options.

Sometimes a hotel room provides a very cold experience to travellers. That is why many tourists are choosing St Barths vacation rentals rather than just regular hotel rooms. Those looking for a home away from home experience will like a vacation house. Every year a growing number of tourists around the world are choosing a vacation rental by owner especially when they can compare different lodging options before their final decision.

Every year numerous travelers visit St. Barthelemy looking for an exciting adventure. A jewel of the Caribbean; Saint Barthelemy offers visitors twenty-two beautiful beaches and hundreds of entertainment alternatives. Read on and explore the possibilities.

Water sports at St. Barthelemy are simply a way of life. Underwater dive sites, Para-sailing, water skiing and windsurfing are some of the alternatives for St. Barthelemy condo rental guests. Scuba diving here is a magic experience full of color and fun.

One of the main reasons why many vacationers make St. Barthelemy their vacation destination is its beautiful astonishing white sand beaches. The warm water and incredible weather make these beaches ideal for a sun tanning getaway. Among the most popular beaches are the Beach of Salines and the Beach of the Governor.

Colombier Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Saint Barths. It’s an amazing shady and isolated beach, and it will take you to walk almost 30 minutes to arrive in this pristine beach, but it is worth the hike. Just remember a suitable footwear and a bottle of water It is a little windy, and it is a great place to snorkeling. Tourists will discover turtles, cactus and flowering plants.

If your favorite thing to do while on vacation is shopping, staying at a St Barts Island house will not disappoint you. Its condition as a duty-free port makes it ideal for a shopping adventure. From small local shops to elegant boutiques, you will find it all at St. Barthelemy.

When it comes to having a good time, St. Barthelemy is the ideal venue. Most St. Barthelemy hotels offer some form of entertainment throughout the week and live music and arts and culture also make part of St. Barthelemy’s wide-ranging nightlife attractions.

If outdoors are not your thing, and you rather relax and indulge yourself; St Barthelemy has excellent spa options for you. Services include marine facials, body polishes and wraps to ease tired and sunburned skin. Book now a St. Barthelemy lodging and treat yourself to a full or half day spa.

Toiny Coast is one of those places that you can’t miss it while visiting St Barths. It will make you take tons of amazing and unforgettable photos. It is a windswept, wild, mountainous area. It may a long walk to access the beach but it is worth the trip. Most experienced surfers say that this is the place to surf when in St. Barts. The views are beautiful.

For those who can leave a vacation area without visiting a typical and historic place, there is The Wall House Museum. It is a very quicky museum and sometime you will need to understand some French and/or Swedish to appreciate it. The curator is always available and he can explain and give full insights about St Barths historic past.

More than ever, tourists must have an opportunity to consider a different kind of lodging. There is more that those typical lodging options. An hotel room can be a primary and common idea but a vacation rental should be considered.

Below there is a great vacation rental in St Barts worth to take a look at:

St Barths vacation rental: High up on a hillside in Marigot (St Barth) is Villa Bel’Ombre. In a beautiful tropical garden with a dark infinity heated pool that appears to cascade into the bay of Marigot far below. This modern St Barthelemy vacation villa is minimalist in style, with crisp, clear-cut lines and uncluttered spaces. Decorated in hues of blue and beige, the villa mixture of elegance, everyday and high tech conveniences, privacy, comfort and open design with emphasis on a mesmerizing Marigot bay view, is at one with its surroundings. Come fall in love with the Villa’s mixture of elegance, every day and high tech conveniences, privacy, comfort, and open design with emphasis on a mesmerizing Marigot Bay view from this St Barthelemy vacation rental. For more information and photos about this great vacation house in St Barthelemy, please take a closer look at property ID#116317 at

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