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Vienna is the capital of Austria and is also one of the country’s nine states. Located in the very east of Austria, Vienna is close to Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Its beautiful city center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is considered one of the top cities in the world for the quality of life.

Next, we share some interesting attractions and things to do. You will also find some interesting tendencies for these exciting destinations as well as great lodging options.

This largest Austrian city is a place of wonderful culture, arts and entertainment. In Vienna travelers will find everything they dream of, from fascinating museums to charming districts, lush parks and the finest Vienna hotels. Read on to find out about Vienna’s most visited attractions, and one of many Vienna vacation rentals.

Those who love history will love Vienna. Imagine wandering along narrow, medieval alleyways or walking across imperial squares or visiting the stunning Imperial Palace, wich astounding architecture will amaze you. But the streets and buildings are not all, Vienna has over 100 museums!, so those interested in history will be very busy just trying to decide where to go.

Vienna has far more than one hundred museums, so it is a little difficult to decide where to go. The very first recommendation is to visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which is centrally positioned just beside the Ring Road. The building is amazing and the large and extensive collections and exhibits are just spectacular, even if you are not an art lover.

Viennese parks and gardens are some of the most breathtaking places to visit in this amazing city. The list is so big that it is undoubtedly a difficult task to choose where to go first. But one of the most visited parks is Stadtpark, situated in the Third District. There are lots of broad walkways with statues of famous personalities of Vienna, lots of benches, fountains and ponds.

It will take just a short trip out of the city to visit Schonbrunn Palace, by train is the best way, but you will know quickly that is worth a visit. The palace is really enormous, full of historical places to visit and an amazing architecture. The interior of this stunning palace is a gem, and so is the pretty surrounding park.

Vienna’s Zoo, Haus de Meeres, is a marvelous zoo offering a multitude of native and exotic animals. Tourists can enjoy the rainforest glasshouse, tiny apes, aquariums and terrariums with reptiles and snakes. Roof top terrace with scenic views of Vienna is also available.

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