An Excellent Reading Before Travelling To Victoria, BC

Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in Canada; Victoria is one of those unique places where visitors can still stroll around with a slow pace and nature is not miles away. Named the Best City in the Americas since 2000, Victoria is the ideal vacation destination if you are looking for real relaxation. Visitors will not have a problem finding Victoria accommodations or hotels.

Right before to arrive to any place that a tourist is considering visiting, it is vital to know at least some of the most recognized places to visit. Despite the fact that it is true that anyone can discover a great thing to do or a great site to visit just out of the blue, it is very useful to have a list of the best activities and historic sites in a any particular destination, along with the most affordable lodging options.

A vacation rental is the best option for those who are touring with their families due to the fact it is absolutely more affordable and comfortable too than a hotel room. But if someone is travelling alone, the home away from home feeling that a vacation rental provides, leads to a friendly and overall great experience for any traveller. Victoria vacation rentals offer more space at affordable rates and travelers can choose their ideal vacation home after comparing different lodging choices instead of having just one kind of holiday accommodation to choose from.

Being bored is not an option when staying at a Victoria bed and breakfast. Fun is all over the place, with Golf, fishing, sailing, wildlife watching and diving being some of the most popular activities. Read on to explore the possibilities

Golfing is a real treat in Victoria. Its magnificent settings and nature surroundings and perfect weather make it a year-round golf destination. Whether you are looking for challenging or leisure games enjoying the amazing surroundings; staying at a Victoria hotel is a good idea.

Over the past 100 years, the waters of Victoria and the Vancouver Island have been a top-notch fishing destination. Blessed with an unlimited variety of saltwater fish; Victoria offers those staying at a Victoria vacation home a great opportunity to fish all five species of North American Salmon.

Recognized by the National Geographic Magazine as one of the world’s best cold water diving destinations; diving in Victoria is a unique experience. Whether you are an experienced diver or a first time adventurer you can head to Vancouver Island’s emerald sea for an amazing underwater exploration. Guided excursions are available for Victoria vacation home guests.

An excellent way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is by visiting one of Victoria’s spas and wellness centers. After spending a day in the wilderness and enjoying the numerous outdoor activities that Victoria has to offer; pamper your body and spirit with a rejuvenating spa treatment. Book a Victoria condo and discover the alternatives.

If outdoors and nature is not exactly your thing, Victoria and the Vancouver Island have an option for you. The region is full of museums of all sizes and themes such as the Royal British Columbia museum that features unique galleries about the province’s history and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia which displays more than 5,000 nautical artifacts among others. Book a Victoria hotel and discover the possibilities.

Deciding where to stay in your vacation can be a little difficult task. Comparing different kinds of accommodations is very helpful to this.

Below there is a great vacation rental in Victoria, BC worth to take a look at:

Victoria BC Bed and Breakfast: Marketa’s Bed and Breakfast, Victoria, BC, offers everything from the romance of hand-crafted four-poster beds and Air-jetted tubs for two, to beautifully decorated standard and family rooms all at remarkably affordable rates. Choose from private or shared baths and queen-sized or even four-poster beds. With several rooms, all uniquely decorated, Marketa’s accommodation offers all the personal service and ambience of a bed and breakfast with the convenience and charm of an inn. The attractions of Victoria, BC, are just a stroll away as the sound of seagulls leads you to Victoria’s breathtaking inner harbour. Stop awhile and watch the float planes landing and taking off alongside million dollar yachts, charming sail boats and Victoria’s captivating tiny harbour ferries that zip around the inner harbour picking up and dropping off passengers at the many attractions that dot the harbour. To learn more and photos, please visit, property ID#872.

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