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Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Here is an article published by the LA Times during Los Angeles  2014 Travel Show, with tips for travelers from travel expert Arthur Frommer:

3 budget tips for 2014 from Arthur Frommer

TIP # 2. Consider giving hotels the heave-ho. Frommer recommends taking advantage of such websites as airbnb, which offers vacation rental rooms in 192 countries, and websites such as FlipKey, HomeAway and Rentalo that let out apartments. “You can stay in an apartment for a fraction of what you would pay in a hotel,” Frommer said.”
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Thursday, May 15th, 2014

In a recent article published by the USA TODAY, is recommended among the top websites that offer protection to travelers when booking vacation rentals.

Read article: Tips to keep your vacation rental from going wrong


Friday, May 2nd, 2014




Below is a copy of a recent scam emails sent to one of our travelers.

Follow up email:

Special Offers Newsletter – Vol 5, Issue 18

Monday, July 1st, 2013

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Rentalo Publishes New Owner Verified Seal on Selected Inventory

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

As part of Rentalo's commitment to ensure that transactions among travelers and property managers go as smooth as possible, we recently published a new Owner Verified seal.

All listings showing this seal have been verified by our anti-fraud department.  As part of our verification procedures, we require new clients to provide Rentalo with solid evidence regarding the authenticity of the ownership of the property as well as the person responsible for the posting of the listing online.

During this process, we reserve the right to collect information from the new owners such as property deeds, utility bills showing actual address of the property, name of other online directories listing their properties, and specific geographical information about the property's location.

All inventory displaying this seal is covered by our Worry-Free Lodging Guarantee with up to $5,000 anti-fraud protection.  For more information about how our guarantee works, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you recommend booking inventory that do not show this seal?

There are 2 types of listings in our inventory that do not show this seal: 

a. Inventory with "Book Online" option which are covered by our third party reservation sites.  

b. Inventory with "Contact Owner" form and no seal.  These listings are currently using Rentalo's free listing services and therefore we are unable to cover these listings under our Worry-Free Lodging Guarantee.  We recommend that you follow our Anti-Fraud guidelines and tips to avoid any potential issues when booking these properties.

2. If I reserve a property which is displaying the "Owner Verified" seal, am I automatically covered by the Worry-Free Lodging Guarantee?

No. You will need to register your booking in order to be covered by our guarantee.  Please click here for more details.

How to Ask Expert Advice on Where to Stay

Monday, October 3rd, 2011
Rentalo’s inventory property owners consist of local travel experts that can give you valuable advice when planning a family vacation or holiday getaway.   Rentalo’s free destination inquiry is an award-winning inquiry service that has helped millions of travelers find a place to stay in close to 15,000 cities worldwide.

Unlike other directories out there, at Rentalo we believe in providing the best tools to assist travelers in choosing where to stay.  We understand that hotels may be a better option for certain people, for certain trips, or specific circumstances. For others, vacation homes may bring greater value, and B&Bs can offer great lodging experiences.  So why not ask the experts and allow them to help you decide where to stay?  Rentalo's award-winning destination inquiry is a great tool to do so; it's fast and free!

All you need to do is pick your favorite inquiry option below to submit your inquiry and use the message text box (also called comments or remarks) to ask any specific questions or advice you may need to make your stay memorable. 

Browse using any PC or Apple computer – Visit, type the name of your destination, and when you find it, use the form on top to "Inquire on Multiple Properties".  Within minutes you will start receiving offers from highly motivated property owners, innkeepers, and hotels.  You may also use this destination inquiry form.

Browse using any mobile’s browser on your phone – Visit,  type the name of your destination, and when you find it, use the form on top to "Inquire on Multiple Properties". Within minutes you will start receiving offers from highly motivated property owners, innkeepers, and hotels.

Download Rentalo Mobile App to your iPhone, Droid or Backberry phone  - Visit our RENTalo Mobile page  at to download your favorite appl.  Upon installing it, open it and use the 'Submit Inquiry' option to  inquire on multiple properties in your favorite destination.

Vacation Lodgings Around the World

Thursday, June 30th, 2011
Now that school is over, let the fun and adventure begin by planning an affordable family vacation that can expand your view of this world and its people.  Below, we are pleased to share with you some incredible lodging deals from some amazing places around the world.  Just pick one and see the world!

United States

Phoenix, Arizona -- Stay for $40 per night in the beautiful Oasis resort, or find more deals in Arizona including Lake Havasu and Tucson.

Lake Tahoe, California -- Stay for $160 per night in a luxury vacation home in South Lake Tahoe.  Find more great lodging deals in California, including top vacation destinations such as Big Bear Lake, Palm Springs, Santa Cruz, Saulito, and San Diego.

Vail, Colorado -- Enjoy the summer time from $160 per night in this top vacation destination in Colorado.  Also check other top deals in Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, and Winter Park.

Florida -- From Key West to Panama City Beach, and from Daytona Beach to Siesta Key, you can find outstanding deals in several beautiful beach destinations in Florida.  Check out more than 100 special offers in Florida with up to 80% discounts. 

Hawaii Islands --  Travel west to enjoy nature and surfing in many popular spots around the islands including Kauai, Princeville-Kauai, and Maui.  Take advantage of last minute cancellations on top resorts and beach houses for around $100 per night. 

Discover great deals in other top vacation spots in the US, click here


Rome, Italy -- Plan a 30-day stay in Rome and pay as little as EUR$21 per night by booking this apartment in Rome.

French Riviera, France -- Book this fantastic villa in Villaneuve Loubet overlooking the sea and Cap d’Antibes for as little as EUR$100 per person,  6 people occupancy.

Find more lodging deals in Europe.


Mount Tremblant, Quebec -- Bring you whole family to experience your stay in a luxury log cabin for only $215 per night with a 35% discount available during the summer.  Sleeps up to 8 people.

See more summer specials in Kelowna, Whistler, Muskoka, Wasaga Beach and more, click here.


Playa del Carmen -- Escape to Mexico and enjoy the warm and non-stop fun of the Mexican culture in this gorgeous beach condo in Playa del Carmen with spectacular views for just $140 per night.

Puerto Vallarta -- Stay in a beachfront luxury condo for only $145 per night, or check many other value offers in Vallarta.

Check out many other attractive lodging offers in Mexico.


Montego Bay, Jamaica -- Wow! Check out the Horizon Villa for just $80 per night. 

Or find other great deals in other top Caribbean spots such as Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, St John, and St Barthelemy, click here.

Central America

Tamarindo, Costa Rica -- Search through this extensive inventory of lodging options in this famous surfing beach in Costa Rica.

To find out the latest deals and discounts, bookmark this page.

Avoid Big-Family Travel Hassles. Vacation Rentals to the Rescue.

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Traveling with a big family nowadays may be cumbersome. Finding a friendly and understanding hotel for your pack is not an easy challenge. Then of course, consider the budget constraints, with per room nightly charges and hefty restaurant bills. Vacation rentals offer the perfect solution with those who are traveling in big families. A vacation house with all necessary amenities can mean big savings and fun for the kids, grandpa and even you!

Location is everything and requires some effective web-hunting when it comes to find a suitable place for all your family fun. Luckily Rentalo offers its unique destination inquiry system that allows you to broadcast your lodging needs to multiple properties in the vacation spot of your choice. Upon response, you can find beautiful homes, cabins, and shore-side condos all over the country, even at the heart of large cities to lodge your big family. You can usually find very nice vacation homes and holiday villas for about the price of two hotel rooms, and instead of crowding your family on separate rooms, gather them in a nice den or living room. It is definitely a lot more bang for your buck!

Big families usually don´t choose to stay in a hotel, they prefer to rent a vacation house. It is not only cheaper, it also avoids hotel issues like making noise, rigid meal times, and refrigerators too small to fit your kids´ snacks. Large families also find that renting a vacation rental helps them on a complicated task: hunting for a kid-friendly restaurant.

If you are traveling in a group of 5 or more, planning ahead will help you find the best deals and ensure the most enjoyable vacation for the entire family. Use Rentalo and other online tools to to plan your stay, use your time wisely, and save money on local tours and attractions. Consider the different ages in your group and plan accordingly. Youngsters will be more excited with space and liberty, while small kids need to be looked after. Remember, grandpa should not be left behind.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, gather with your family, plan a reunion and share priceless memories this November. Don´t worry if there are “too many of us” on the next trip, use Rentalo to find spacious vacation homes in many destinations; we will do the work for you.

Saint Thomas – The Caribbean Pearl

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

st thomas vacation rentalsSaint Thomas is a beautiful Caribbean Island that along with other smaller islands conform the unincorporated territory of the United States Virgin Islands. The island holds the capital port of Charlotte Amalie. As of the year 2000, the total population of Saint Thomas was 51,181 living in approximately 32 square miles of astonishing Caribbean landscape. White-sand beaches, crystal clear waterfronts and a sophisticated dining and shopping scene, offer travelers unlimited outdoor recreation. Diving, snorkeling and other water sports are also extremely popular on the island.

Aside from outdoor activities and nightlife, Saint Thomas offers many historic attractions. Visit Blackbeard´s Castle, built in 1679 by Danish soldiers as a watchtower to protect the harbor. Nowadays, the castle is surrounded by a small hotel, restaurants and a swimming pool. Fort Christian, built in 1672, is the oldest building in Saint Thomas and today houses the Virgin Islands Museum. Take a ride on the Paradise Point Tramway and ascend 700 feet above Charlotte Amalie for a breathtaking view of the harbor and the whole island.

When it comes to water sports, nothing surpasses Saint Thomas´ beaches and aquatic adventures. Visit the Hull Bay, or watch the sunset at the beautiful Brewer´s Bay. If you are into snorkeling, go to Sapphire Beach, an open-public resort where you can swim in nice clear water and coral. The best snorkeling beach in Saint Thomas is Coki Beach. With normal underwater visibility of more than 100 feet, this is a great beach for kids to learn to snorkel. It’s very calm and you can feed the swarming fish in about 3-4 feet of water. Windsurfing and kayaking are also very popular in untamed locations as the secluded Vessup Beach.

You can arrive to Saint Thomas by airplane, flying from major US Cities into the Cyril E. King Airport, or by cruise ships. Saint Thomas is a very popular stop for cruise lines, gathering between 4 and 8 ships on the harbor any day of the week. Check the most important cruise lines to find scheduled trips and arrival dates. If you are thinking of visiting other major US Virgin and British Virgin Islands, take the ferries that run regularly between them. If you are looking for an affordable and intimate place to stay in the islands, don´t forget to check out our Saint Thomas vacation rentals.

Safety Tips for Your Next Vacation Trip

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Traveling can be stressful considering you may be going to an unfamiliar location, sometimes with a different culture and language. Safety should be your prime concern to avoid hazards. Here at Rentalo, we want you to enjoy your vacation trip, taking into consideration practical tips for a safer stay.

Before leaving your Home

Protecting your home before leaving on your vacation is very important.  Please take the necessary precautions to protect your own home while you are away.  For information on how to protect your home while you are away, check home security companies.

When Arriving to Airports:

  • Keep your eyes on your bags and luggage at all times.
  • Only uniformed and properly identified airline personnel should handle your bags.
  • Avoid showing off your cameras, jewelry or other items that may draw attention. Try to blend with the crowd.
  • Watch out for unusual situations. Staged acts may be enacted to divert your attention and pick your pockets.
  • Keep a record of the contents in your checked luggage while keeping anything of value in your carry-on.
  • While on the Road

  • Always research your travel route before departing; take maps and driving directions with you.
  • Make sure your rental car is in good condition. Learn how locks, windows and other emergency equipment are used.
  • Store your luggage in the trunk and keep car doors locked at all times while driving.
  • Keep your rental agreement, insurance, maps and other important documents concealed.
  • Have your car keys ready when approaching your car; this is a favorite moment for thieves to mug you.
  • Park in safe, well-lighted areas close to building entrances and walkways. When appropriate, use private parking zones.
  • If you are involved in a car accident, think before you get. If something doesn´t feel right, signal the other driver to follow you to a nearby police station, or a busy area where it is safe to get out of your vehicle.
  • At your Hotel or Vacation Rental

  • Never leave your bags and luggage unattended.
  • Keep your lodging doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Do not display your lodging keys in public or leave them at tables, swimming pool or in other places where they can be stolen.
  • Identify fire exists, stars, elevators, and public telephones in case of emergency.
  • Leave your valuables at home, but if you want to take them with you, store them in the hotel safe.
  • Ask your host or hotel manager about the neighborhood and areas to avoid.
  • Before taking a cab, ask your host or lodging personnel about directions and estimated fare price.
  • You should always be prepared as crime is never announced. Try to limit your chances of becoming a victim by staying alert and aware of people and surroundings. These simple tips can help you stay safe while enjoying a pleasurable vacation. If you are travelling overseas and need assistance, check the U.S. Department of Transportation Travel Advisory and Airport Safety Hotline (800-221-0673) that advises international travelers of potentially dangerous airports and countries. You may also want to check out the U.S. Department of State Citizens’ Emergency Center (202-647-0900) that offers assistance in emergency situations to travelers abroad.