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The Grand Canyon: A Staggering Creation of Nature

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

More than a National Park the Grand Canyon is an experience. This marvel of nature is one of those places that can truly leave you breathless. Once there, you realize that you are just a minimal creature of this world, and that there is got to be a supreme force that is able to create such an awe-inspiring beauty. Taking a look at this staggering creation of nature is simply a privilege that not a lot of people in this world have; so if you do have the opportunity of visiting this place, don’t even doubt it for a second.

The Grand Canyon National Park is located in Northern Arizona and it is one of the United State’s oldest National Parks. The park contains the beautiful Grand Canyon which is a chasm of the Colorado River and one of the wonders of the world, also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its immense size of 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep can overwhelm anybody’s senses and its geologic record preserved is what attracts the attention of the world. Although its rocks are not unique and many similar rocks can be found in other places of the world, its wide variety and clarity with which they are exposed is what makes them exclusive.

Hiking at the Grand Canyon

There are many ways to experience the splendor of the Grand Canyon and one of them is hiking. If you like adventure and are a professional hiker, this is an opportunity you will never forget. When hiking at the Grand Canyon you will be hiking at a high elevation of 7,000 to 8,000 feet in a desert climate. Water and element protection as well as appropriate skills will make the difference between life and death; however the rewards are simply indescribable.

Air Tours

If you are not so adventurous yet would like a panoramic view of the Canyon you can try an air tour. Outside the Grand Canyon National Park there are numerous scenic air tour operators that offer helicopter and fixed wing tours. Many companies also operate tours out of California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

Mule Trips

If you prefer earth activities like me, then a mule trip should be your option. There are two different mule trips, the ones that go from South Rim and the ones that go from North Rim. South Rim trips can last two days and go to the Colorado River and back up to the South Rim. There is also a one day option. North Rim trips do not go to the river and can be from one hour to half a day. It is recommended that you book in advance because this tours get booked really fast.

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