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Planning your Pet Travel

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Pets bring us both love and tenderness, but nowadays traveling along with them may be a little cumbersome. If you have a friendly neighbor who can watch over your pets while you are away, we suggest you consider leaving your hairy friends behind. If you are too attached, consider driving your pet instead of flying. Many dogs enjoy the trip and love the ride. If however you still need to take a plane, consider these hints about pet travel.

All pets travelling over state borders are required by the US government to have their shots and a general health certificate issued and signed by a veterinarian. Most airlines require you present the certificate within 10 days of travel. Try to make pet reservations as early as you can as airlines generally allow only a limited number of pets per plane, and it’s first come, first served. If you are travelling abroad, check out the import country rules and regulations; health requirements vary and some may need weeks of preparation.

If your pet is small enough, he may travel with you in the cabin under the seat in front of you. Different airlines have distinct policies on kennel size, or you may have to call to find out specifics on plane size and under the seat capacity. If on the other hand your friend has to travel as cargo, as soon as you get to the airport, take your dog for a walk. Some airports have “pet relief areas” where your dog can stretch and relieve before they go in the kennel (as you may have guessed, not a pleasant experience for the pet).

Let´s face it, nobody cares for your pet as much as you do. Airlines have strict regulations, varying fees and overall, discouraging services for pets. If you still want to travel to a pet friendly vacation rental by plane, research and plan accordingly. You may find useful tips, resources and special services in websites like: petflight or petairways for specialized services.