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Puerto Vallarta: Mexican-style Beachside Splendor

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Looking for an exciting beach destination on your quest to discover another culture? Then, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect vacation destination for you. Located in Bahia Banderas on the Pacific Ocean, it is one of Mexico’s most popular resort towns. It offers an incredible assortment of things to do and a variety of Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals to stay at.

Rest assured, you will never be bored in Puerto Vallarta. Beautiful beaches, water sports and numerous trips around town will keep you busy. You will regret not having enough time to do everything this amazing Mexican resort has to offer.

Stay at a Mexican-style beachside Puerto Vallarta villa, and enjoy luxurious amenities including Jacuzzis, swimming pools and large oceanfront decks at budget cost. You can find high quality Puerto Vallarta lodging at very reasonable rates, especially when you split costs with your friends and family.

In addition to beautiful beaches and sun-filled days, Puerto Vallarta is also a culturally rich place. A unique mix of pre-Columbian mystical traditions and contemporary cultures from around the world.

You can´t miss swimming with dolphins. There are plenty close-up encounter programs with our beautiful and charming friends, suitable for both experts and non-swimmers. After your swim, enjoy snorkeling and diving while observing Mexico’s rich underwater world.

Puerto Vallarta in December, hosts a variety of city festivals. The Puerto Vallarta Golf Cup welcomes amateur golfers from Mexico, USA and Canada while the Puerto Vallarta Film Festival showcases films from North and South America. If you like exotic tastes and varied cuisines, you can also attend the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet International Festival.

If you are into art and original crafts, Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint you. This charming town is home to a wealth of galleries that feature both local and international art. Some of these galleries include Arte de las Americas for contemporary and Mexican art and Puerco Azul for Folk and traditional crafts.

In Puerto Vallarta, you are not just locked up in one beach town, but you have plenty of places to visit and see in the neighborhood. Take day trips to such charming towns as Bucerias, Sayulita and San Francisco which provide great ambiances and natural settings in the vicinity. Take the chance, start planning your Mexico trip and try our unique destination inquiry system to find a vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta: Beach and Fun!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Puerto Vallarta vacation rentalsA favorite vacation resort of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, a vacation in Puerto Vallarta will always leave you wanting for more. Whether you are looking to rest and just have a good time or taking advantage of al thel activities of the area, Puerto Vallarta is a wise choice when it comes to culture, beach and fun. Located in the beautiful Bahia Banderas, this exciting city not only has numerous Puerto Vallarta lodging alternatives from Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals to luxurious Puerto Vallarta hotels; it also offers a wide range of activities including hiking, mountain biking, jeep safaris and scuba among many others.

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta
The place is full of opportunities especially for active souls. It is one of Mexico’s top dive destinations, attracting thousands of scuba diving lovers every year. Those who are not as daring can go for a snorkeling adventure at the popular areas of Los Arcos underwater caves and the Marieta Islands caverns. If you aren’t a fan of water activities a canopy tour may be the ideal option. The city is well known for its canopy and zip line tours, offering tourists an exciting experience that combines adrenaline and great views as you fly over the tree tops. Other favorite activity among Puerto Vallarta visitors is exploring the Sierra Madre.

If you are not the sports type of traveler then visiting the Vallarta Botanical Gardens might be the way to go. Located only twelve Puerto Vallarta vacation rentalsmiles south of Puerto Vallarta, these gardens are easily accessible and feature numerous botanical collections on with a great variety of species of plants. Some of the most beautiful exhibits include the Palm Gardens, the Rose Garden, the Orchid House, a display of Mexican wildflowers and a favorite among visitors, the Carnivorous Plant Connection. Make sure to bring your swimming suit to enjoy a dip in the beautiful and crystal clear Rio Los Horcones.

Another very popular activity among Puerto Vallarta travelers is golfing. The city offers astonishing courses within incredible natural settings. If you are an avid golfer you can head to La Marina Vallarta Golf Course. This golf course offers great challenges as it has narrow fairways that are guarded by water. The Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta golf course is an 18-hole par 71 course that was designed by Jim Lipe. If you want an easy game then the Los Flamingos Golf Course is widely known for being one of the easiest ones to play.