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Shopping Smart: How to Get the Best Deals during Your Travels and Enjoy the Experience

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Shopping almost always is a thrilling experience for most people, but it can also be tiring and depressing considering high prices. There are several ways to make shopping during your family travel exciting, and get deals you would never imagine.

Flea Markets: A Display of Culture and Superb Souvenirs

Flea markets are a great example of fun and cheap shopping. The world is full of places that offer flea markets with original souvenir alternatives. And the best part of it is that you can always bargain; so chances are you will get a really good deal. Some of the best flea markets according to the Travel Channel include the All Night Flea Market in Wheaton Illinois which, as its name implies, takes place at night once a year on the third Sunday of August at the Dupage County Fairgrounds; the Brimfield Outdoors Antique Show in Brimfield Massachusetts held three times a year during May, July and September and featuring 4,000 dealers and the New Caladonian Market in New England which takes place at the Tower Bridge Road every Friday from 5 am to Noon. A good idea for this flea market is to get there as early as possible as it is very popular in London and it tends to get packed.

As far as overseas flea market two personal favorites are the Buenos Aires’ Feria de San Thelmo; which not only offers an incredible variety of antiques, hand made jewelry and all kinds of items such as handbags, clothes and art, it also offers a unique cultural experience where you will see street performers playing music, and dancing Tango; and the Bogota “Mercado de las Pulgas” in Usaquen. Although small, this flea market is located at a trendy area of the city full of restaurants and bars where tourists can enjoy an afternoon with a good lunch, visiting the market and maybe listening to some of the street stand-up comedians.

Online Shopping: Fast, Easy and Fun!

If you are enjoying a vacation and you want to spend time getting to know places instead of shopping, an excellent idea is to try online shopping. Although you may think this is something that you can do from anywhere in the world, not all online stores ship everywhere. Many stores offer deals that can only be obtained online specially when there is a change of season; so if you are traveling from overseas to Miami for example, take advantage of your time there and order things online. Most inside U.S shipping takes about a week but you can also order overnight. This alternative will allow you to fully enjoy your family vacation without being tired all the time and get excellent deals from the best brands.