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Safety Tips for Your Next Vacation Trip

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Traveling can be stressful considering you may be going to an unfamiliar location, sometimes with a different culture and language. Safety should be your prime concern to avoid hazards. Here at Rentalo, we want you to enjoy your vacation trip, taking into consideration practical tips for a safer stay.

Before leaving your Home

Protecting your home before leaving on your vacation is very important.  Please take the necessary precautions to protect your own home while you are away.  For information on how to protect your home while you are away, check home security companies.

When Arriving to Airports:

  • Keep your eyes on your bags and luggage at all times.
  • Only uniformed and properly identified airline personnel should handle your bags.
  • Avoid showing off your cameras, jewelry or other items that may draw attention. Try to blend with the crowd.
  • Watch out for unusual situations. Staged acts may be enacted to divert your attention and pick your pockets.
  • Keep a record of the contents in your checked luggage while keeping anything of value in your carry-on.
  • While on the Road

  • Always research your travel route before departing; take maps and driving directions with you.
  • Make sure your rental car is in good condition. Learn how locks, windows and other emergency equipment are used.
  • Store your luggage in the trunk and keep car doors locked at all times while driving.
  • Keep your rental agreement, insurance, maps and other important documents concealed.
  • Have your car keys ready when approaching your car; this is a favorite moment for thieves to mug you.
  • Park in safe, well-lighted areas close to building entrances and walkways. When appropriate, use private parking zones.
  • If you are involved in a car accident, think before you get. If something doesn´t feel right, signal the other driver to follow you to a nearby police station, or a busy area where it is safe to get out of your vehicle.
  • At your Hotel or Vacation Rental

  • Never leave your bags and luggage unattended.
  • Keep your lodging doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Do not display your lodging keys in public or leave them at tables, swimming pool or in other places where they can be stolen.
  • Identify fire exists, stars, elevators, and public telephones in case of emergency.
  • Leave your valuables at home, but if you want to take them with you, store them in the hotel safe.
  • Ask your host or hotel manager about the neighborhood and areas to avoid.
  • Before taking a cab, ask your host or lodging personnel about directions and estimated fare price.
  • You should always be prepared as crime is never announced. Try to limit your chances of becoming a victim by staying alert and aware of people and surroundings. These simple tips can help you stay safe while enjoying a pleasurable vacation. If you are travelling overseas and need assistance, check the U.S. Department of Transportation Travel Advisory and Airport Safety Hotline (800-221-0673) that advises international travelers of potentially dangerous airports and countries. You may also want to check out the U.S. Department of State Citizens’ Emergency Center (202-647-0900) that offers assistance in emergency situations to travelers abroad.

    Kid Friendly Travel for the Upcoming Summer Season

    Thursday, May 20th, 2010

    Traveling with kids can be an exhilarating experience. However, it may prove very demanding for parents who are not well prepared. In order to avoid family frustration, consider your loved ones, their interests and needs when you are all away. Plan accordingly; make your item and activity checklists while keeping a travel itinerary carefully laid out. The best trip is the one that has enough family adventure and entertainment while reducing hassle and stress for everyone. At Rentalo, we are concerned with your family vacation travel and want to help you enjoy your leisure time along with your kids.

    kids_vacationWhen traveling on family vacations take the appropriate things and props to help you better care for your kids and avoid uncomfortable situations. A first aid kit, with band-aids, mild analgesics, hand gel and sun screen should be always included in your luggage. For those boring moments, distract your kids with crayons, paper, color books and card games. A good idea is to keep a photo of your child in your wallet or purse in case they get lost in a crowded area. Also, take an extra copy of birth certificates and travel arrangements (tickets, reservations, etc). you may also want to include a frisbee for some quick exercise, a lightweight blanket for nap time, snacks and treats, wipes, and plenty of bottled water. And don´t overlook a simple but basic: always go to the bathroom BEFORE you leave; trust us, everyone will feel lighter.

    Places to go on your kid vacation trip

    Washington, D.C. with all its history, landmarks and free museums is a great destination for family fun. Look for a family vacation rental in Washington and stroll down the Mall with your youngsters. They would surely enjoy the National Air and Space Museum and learn the story of planes and rockets from the earliest human attempts to fly. Visit the Museum of Natural History and enjoy with them natural wonders, stuffed fauna and the O. Orkin Insect Zoo, home to many critters your kids will love. If they are more into plants, don´t forget to take them to the Botanical Garden, next to the Capitol.

    If you and your kids are more into wilderness and adventure travel, you should experience one of the U.S.´s 388 national parks. You will surely find a whole array of cultural, geographical and geological attractions all over the country. National park websites have “For Kids” sections that will help you involve your kids in the planning of visits and events with puzzles, games and lots of pictures. Check our inventory of vacation rentals in Yosemite, Yellowstone Grand Canyon or the Florida Everglades for more ideas on national park destinations.

    Of course, Disney and Theme parks in Orlando are always at the top of the list when considering family vacations. Fortunately, we offer several Disney vacation rental alternatives for your lodging in this premiere family fun spot. If you enjoy the thrills, try the Space Mountain or the famous Rock ’n’ Rollercoaster featuring Aerosmith. Classics like Cinderella or friendly characters Mickey, Goofy and Pluto will sure be there to make the most out of your kid´s vacations.

    Be Prepared for Airport Security Screenings

    Thursday, February 25th, 2010

    When you are travelling by airplane, you need to go through security checkpoints handled by local authorities to ensure nobody is carrying “prohibited items” or pose a security risk to passengers aboard an aircraft. Although sometimes it may be considered a hassle, security checks and protocols are executed to prevent terrorist attacks or hazardous situations during air travel. Here, we present a couple of tips  and suggestions so you can prepare beforehand, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently through the security process.

    Be aware of your attires and accessoriesairtravel_screening_exp

    Although there is no particular type of recommended clothing you should wear, excessive clothing or loose garments may draw attention on security officers who may direct you to additional screening. Also certain accesories can set off alarms on metal detectors and slow down the security checks. As much as possible, try to avoid jewelry or accessories that contain metal. You can save time by taking off any metal accessories like belts and jewelry  as well as your keys, cell phones and loose change, and placing them in your carry-on baggage. These items can be all bundled and placed in the X-ray machine for inspection so you can ease the process.

    Most airport security staff and procedures will require you to remove your shoes before you enter the walk-through metal detectors. Usually all types of footwear, even lighter ones like sandals have to be removed and placed on the X-ray machine belt. It is a good idea to take  disposable booties or socks so your feet are kept clean and you don´t accidentally injure them.

    Have your boarding pass and ID ready

    Remember to always carry a government-issued photo ID available for security staff to check. Along with your ID, you should have your boarding pass readily available so officers can cross check your name with airline records and your ID.  Children are not required to show identification although it is a good idea to take a birth certificate or other ID just in case they are required to show proper identification. Every adult traveler should keep his/her airline boarding pass and government-issued photo ID available until exiting the security checkpoint. The absence of identification will result in additional screening and time delays.

    If you are not travelling but accompanying a relative, child or a passenger with a special medical condition that requires assistance, let the airline personnel know about this so they can assist you when going through security checks.

    Practical tips to make screening faster and hassle-free

    • Try to keep the least amount of items in your carry-on bag. This allows security officcers to get a clear X-ray view of your bag.
    • Remember to pack all liquid, aerosol and gel substances in your checked baggage, otherwise these items will be retained at security posts.
    • Limit your carry-on bag items to whatever is strictly necessary for the duration of the flight, including your wallet, your cell phone, electronic devices, and personal items.
    • Be prepared for additional screenings, be patient and curteous with security staff. Their job is to make everyone safe.
    • Remember to arrive to the airport at least two hours before your flight so you can have extra time to board in case there are security checkpoint congestions.

    For more information on Airport Security Screening Process, go to the TSA Website