2007 Rentalo Site Improvements

Launched New SmartSearch Feature Designed to Improve Quality of Service to Owners
After several months of hard work, our new SmartSearch tool was released in November, 2007. Now available for all of our 15,000 destinations, this unique feature makes it easier for travelers to find properties that best suit their needs. Most importantly however, it has been designed to increase the number of targeted quality leads received by you, our property owners and managers. Since travelers can now easily narrow their property searches by applying such filters as sleeps, number of bedrooms, amenities and even budget, those property owners who have completed their property ad will benefit fully from the SmartSearch tool. Please take time to edit your property listing and update your amenities and things to do under "Property Details" in order to take full advantage of these new search features.

Enhanced Site Security and Reliability of Our Inventory
We know it is important for travelers to feel safe when making reservations, especially with individual property owners. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, we are unable to disclose too much information regarding the steps we take to prevent fraud on our site, but we can assure you that we are taking this topic very seriously and have successfully implemented several anti-fraud security systems on Rentalo, spotting many spammers and blocking their access to our travelers database. Our staff is highly trained in the implementation of security procedures and anti-fraud prevention techniques. We are constantly monitoring these activities, we know exactly where, when and how they try to break into our system, and so far we have been very successful at stopping these malicious law breakers. At times, and when necessary, we have gone so far as to physically inspect individual properties in order to prevent fraud on Rentalo.

Overhauled Our Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Maximize Online Visibility
Rentalo has teamed up with a leading SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm, with the goal of helping us maximize our online visibility and as a result bring our property owners more qualified leads. Thanks to this fruitful partnership we have achieved a very high position in the search results for some of the most important search engines such as Yahoo and Msn.

Introduced First Property Videos in the Industry
On September 14th, 2007 we successfully launched a new feature for our property owners – property videos. These “mini-commercials,” showcasing a property’s amenities, extras and views are worth a thousand pictures. They help our owners to greatly increase their bookings and help travelers to more easily find the perfect lodging. Since the launch, we have added X videos to our owners’ listings. This option is available after signing onto your profile and, best of all, it’s free! Login and go to Properties > Edit/Manage > Video tab to add your video now.

Redesigned and Refreshed Rentalo's Look and Feel
Part of staying competitive is staying fresh. We have made many Rentalo pages not only more attractive, but also simpler to navigate. It is now easier for both property owners and travelers to find information quickly and accurately.

Introduced New Affiliate Programs and Launched New Affiliate Software
In search of more quality leads for our clients, our marketing team launched a new Affiliates program in 2007. It is intended to increase property specific leads from high quality travel sites such as vast, oddle, vacapedia, etc.

Launched a Banner Subscription
We also improved our banner subscription module, which now allows premium listing owners to buy banners in any of our 15,000 destinations.

Partnered with Marketing Experiments
With the help of Marketing Experiments, a highly reputable online marketing business, we improved several of our landing pages and increased overall conversions on most pages by at least 40%.