Property Owners: FAQs from Clients Considering to Upgrade to Sponsor

Do I get any guarantees on reservations when upgrading to Sponsor?

Yes! As a new Sponsor listing client, if you don't receive one (1) or more reservations during the 12-month period, we will extend your listing subscription for 6 months, and re-run your newsletter ad in an upcoming newsletter publication, at no additional cost!

Isn't email marketing service (or Newsletter inclusion) included as part of my current subscription's benefits?

No. This is an exclusive 12-month Sponsor listing subscription benefit. 6-month Sponsor listings are not guarantee to receive the newsletter inclusion benefit due to space and time limitations.

My current listing expires in X months. If I upgrade to Sponsor now, will I get any subscription credits?

Yes, when upgrade to Sponsor, you will receive a credit for the time left on your current subscription.

Why is Rentalo's E-mail marketing affordable?

There are a few components to email marketing.

1) Email List -- Building a good quality email list with potential clients (or past clients) could cost anywhere from 20 cents to $1 per email. Rentalo's opted-in list is currently 1.3 million highly targeted emails, so the cost of building a similar list would be $260,000 to $1.3 million dollars!

2) Newsletter Design - Next, you also need to hire an editor and a graphic designer to create a newsletter. A graphic design could charge from $150 and up to a design.

3) Email Send-off / Distribution. This is the most technically challenge part of email marketing. If you would hire an Email Service Provider (ESP) to send 1.3 million emails, you will need to pay at least $2,600 ($2 per 1000 emails).

When you add it all up, it could get very expensive! Meanwhile, Rentalo lets you reach 1.3 million contacts for a portion of the cost of a Sponsor listing ($399), so you pay less than 0.03 cents per 1,000 emails! And you don't have to worry about building your email list, and creating the email campaign.

Do I get to choose when to be featured in the newsletter?
If you request a specific month at the beginning of your 12 month subscription, and we will be able to schedule it. If not, we will include your property automatically on a publication within the 12 month period.

Are there any special requirements to be featured in the newsletter?
Yes, you must have the following the following minimum requirements available on your listing:
a) Rates posted
b) A good quality photo posted (at least 1)
If your property does not meet our minimum newsletter requirements, we will contact you.

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