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Introducing our Owner´s NewsFlash

Rentalo Wishes You and Your Family the Best Holiday Season!


A new publication intended to communicate the latest news on service updates
and tips
to our listing owners. We also want to use this as a vehicle to gather
your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

Rentalo is committed to provide a high quality service to our listing owners.
Please read below to learn more about our ongoing efforts to add more value
and benefits to your investment with us. We are also including
useful tips to help you get more bookings via Rentalo.

Added Value and Benefits
Increasing Your Private Inquiries

In September of 2006, a new traffic generating system was implemented in Rentalo to increase the number of private inquiries we generate for our property owners. This means that we now create personalized traffic campaigns targeting online travelers and sending them directly to view your property page in Rentalo. We have seen very positive results so far, and expect to see a lot more in the next few months!

Enhancing the Quality of Your Listing Content

A new team of copy writers is now dedicated to review individual listings and provide useful suggestions on the best keyword terms and phrases. These text changes are excellent for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They can help your property ad in Rentalo be more visible in the search engines and receive more traffic and inquiries. Suggestions are sent to owners for their approval prior to posting these changes.

Fraud Detection on Traveler’s Inquiries

Fraud affects us all in the internet industry. In order to minimize the number of deceptive or fraudulent inquiries, in 2006 Rentalo implemented a number of pro-active fraud detection tools to our inquiry system, including email verification, and manual approval of suspicious inquiries. In addition, we are constantly updating our published help pages on Scam Alerts and Tips.

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Please contact us with your feedback or comments, especially if you have suggestions on topics you would like to see included in future publications.

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How to set up your listing to receive more relevant inquiries

A new editorial feature called Inquiry Filters was added to your account to allow you to filter our destination inquiries to meet your needs and receive more relevant inquiries. (This is a new feature that was released during the summer).
View our step by step tutorial on "How to Set up Your Inquiry Filters". | See other tutorials

How to proactively market to a highly targeted traveler audience

Use our recently improved "Special Offer" feature to create and send a special offer to our opted-in increasing number of travelers and agents. We currently have over 600,000 opted-in travelers and more than 15,000 travel agents.
View our step by step tutorial on "How to Enter a Special Offer". | See other tutorials | View Special Offers

Increase your ROI by saving time replying to our destination inquiries

As a great time-saving tip, we highly recommend that you turn the auto-offer feature ON and let our system generate offers to travelers inquiring on your destination. We made several improvements to this tool.
View our step by step tutorial on "How to Setup your Auto-Offer". | See other tutorials

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