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Rentalo´s Extra Features and Booking Tips
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In March edition, take advantage of:

Unlimited pictures you can upload to your profile

Inquiry Filters to better specify traverlers’ requests

Get more from rentalo - our extra features

Show off with your property and amenities. Upload UNLIMITED pictures
plugs A picture is worth 1000 words and travelers
love to view profiles full of photos, those book better.
Take advantage of the fact that Rentalo lets you upload
unlimited pictures. Take photos not only of your house,
but also the view, rooms, amenities or local attractions
and many more. Remember, the more you upload, the more
attractive your profile will be to travelers!
Upload more pictures now!

useful tips to get more bookings

Multiply your chances to Book and Save time. Learn how to better convert your destination based inquiries.
Receive only the inquiries you want. Set up the inquiry filters to better qualify your destination based inquiries. Identify the sleeps rage, your budget, minimum length of stay and many other filters - this way you will get only highly targeted inquiries which will save your time and increase chances to book!
Set up Inquiry Filters now.

Owners share their experience
Closing up for the season? How to manage your property during the downtime.

Whether you decided to close up for the whole season or
just have an empty property between rentals, you might
want to secure it and make sure you prevent it from possible
damages. It will surely save you money and energy! Read on. Al Raymondi shares his experience.


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Be seen by travelers that want
to get offers
from your location!

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