Comparing Subscriptions Versus Pay Per Booking Models

Below is a comparison table outlining the main differences on these two (2) popular listing options available in the vacation rental market:

Item Subscription Pay Per Booking
Up-front Cost Yes No
Per booking fees None 10 - 15%
Long-term (yearly) Cost* More cost effective if you get less than $2,000 in total bookings per year More cost effective if you get more than $2,000 in bookings per year
Communication with Travelers Prior to Booking (Pre-screening) Unlimited (Email, Chat, Phone) Limited to Chat only (via booking site)
Banner Ads Unlimited Limited to promoting listing in booking site
External Links / SEO value to your website Allowed Not allowed (No SEO value!)

* The yearly costs associated with a subscription in Rentalo varies from $200 to $400. So, in order for a subscription to be more cost effective, Rentalo needs to produce $2,000 in total booking revenues as a minimum during the active term of the subscription in order to be more cost effective. You also need to keep in mind the rate of your property and the length of the stays. If you charge $100 per night, it takes 20 nights to reach $2,000. If you charge $200 per night, it only takes 10 nights.

For more information about Rentalo's subscription options, please click here. For more information about Rentalo's Per per Booking model (EzBookMe), please click here. If you have more questions, please contact us.