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Please note that only facilitates the exchange of information between you and the property owners. We strongly recommend that you ask for references until you feel at ease making the transaction. In addition, below you will find some tips on how to use the Internet to investigate the credibility of property owners.

> If this is the first time you are staying in this proeperty or dealing with this property owner, we highly recommend you read anti-fraud guidelines before transacting with property owners.

> Additionally, we also recommend you register your booking on our site via our “Worry-Free Lodging Guarantee”. This guarantee was designed by Rentalo to give you more peace of mind. When registering your booking with us, we will take the necessary steps to make sure you property your are staying is real and from a legit owner.

Tips for using the Internet to Investigate The Credibility of the Owner or Authentisity of a Property

1) A good place to start is using a search engine such as (You may also try, or

    • Search using the property name or business name.
      Examples: 'Casa Blanca Hotel', etc
      Things to watch for: If you find the same property under a different contact name, it is possible that "the owner" you are dealing with is using a real property, but using a false contact information to take your deposit money and run e.g. a scammer. If this is the case, please make sure you follow the anti-fraud guidelines to avoid potential frauds.

    • Search using the owner's name or business name
      Example: 'john Smith'
      You may also search using the above combined with "site:social-networking-site" such as Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn
      Examples: 'john smith'
      Things to watch for: If the name is not shown anywhere in the web, it is possible that this person does exist. Again, if this is the case, please make sure you follow the anti-fraud guidelines.

    • Search for the owner's phone number. 
      Generally, if you are dealing with a well established vacation rental business or owner, you should find their number listed in several travel lodging directories, local chamber of commerce, etc.
      Things to watch for: If the telephone doesn't show in the results, it is possible that this person doesn't exist. Again, if this is the case, please make sure you follow the anti-fraud guidelines.

    • Search using the owner's email address. 
      You may try this, however nowadays, due to email privacy many legitimate business owners do not publish their email address online.

2) Use to verify the owner's personal information by doing a basic “People Search”. You may also try the “Reverse Phone Number”or “Reverse Address” tab. However, if your searches don't turn up any results, please keep in mind that the owner may not show up if he is unlisted, only have a cell phone, or rent instead of own a primary home.

3) For a small fee, you can get public records of your potential property owner by run basic background check report using a site like:, You can also search Google using the keyword 'personal background report' to find more sources.

If you still need help, please contact us.

Happy Renting!
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