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Travelers do "Comparison Shopping" to find vacation rentals.
September, 2006

Frank Suarez - Customer Service Manager -

I am really impressed about the speedy responses on the request for rental property!! Usually I spend hours searching for rentals that meet my criteria on dates and locations. Thank you

Barbara - Traveler

This is a great service. It really helped me find a beautiful affordable B&B right away without the hassle of seeking each and every possible location online. I recommend it to anyone seeking a last minute accommodation. I will definitely use it again.
Naomi - Traveler

You are wonderful! Thank you so much. It was great to have offers come to me rather than having to search individually for each one.
Crawford - Traveler

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There is a growing trend in the travel industry for travelers to do online "comparison shopping". According to the latest US Travel Report published in September 2006 by (an internet research leader), close to 44% of travelers who visit one travel website, also visit another travel website. This is not a surprise to us! As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons why has grown so fast in the last year is due to its effectiveness in facilitating this online "comparison shopping" to travelers and vacationers.

At, travelers can save priceless hours of Internet browsing by simply using our free inquiry service. Travelers can get instant offers upon submitting their inquiries and compare offers from properties that meet their lodging criteria. Within minutes they can get multiple offers from our property owners.

Tools like the Property Finder and the Free Inquiry service, have helped millions of travelers find the right rental (read traveler testimonials).

Now travelers can fill out an online profile which will help us match them with the right property even faster during their future searches and can even win a $100 Sweepstake (Traveler Sweepstakes details ).

With competition in the vacation rental market becoming stronger everyday and websites popping up all over the place, property owners need a site they can trust. has helped thousands of property owners stay all booked up for many years thanks to its insight on how travelers do “Comparison Shopping”. With an array of tools that only offers, property owners find they get more for their advertising dollars through than in any other vacation rental site.

Our “Auto-Offer” tool helps you answer your leads instantly while you are away from your computer. The “Special-Offer” tool helps you reach thousands of travelers with the click of a mouse. Unlimited pictures help you convince the traveler that your property is the best in your destination. Visit our Information Page to find all the benefits you receive from

Here is what some property owners are saying:

Thank you, Rentalo for such a fabulous job with your websites. I have been with Rentalo.Com, for a long time, and thanks to Rentalo, my rental property has not only increased, but the feedback from our guest has been superb. Due to the professional teamwork, and management, Rentalo .Com is tops. It gives you, the customer, the best exposure for your business, and allows potential guest, to visit all of there wonderful sites, and enables guest to view property on each site: Thank you Rentalo, for being the best site, anyone could ask for. Sincerely,
Diane - Customer

Rentalo continues to be our best value/return for promoting our condo
Robert - Customer

We have used other services an so far your beating them. Your service has a been excellent.
Kevin - Customer

Here are some tips that have helped many of our property owners increase their bookings through

1. First, we highly recommend that you invest some time reviewing the content of your property listing in Make sure you show as much relevant information about your property and location. Pay special attention to your Pricing & Pictures! Please refer to the Step-by-Step Tutorials section to learn more about this feature.

2. Turn ON the "Auto-Offer" feature. This unique feature will allow visitors to "compare" your offer with other offers in your destination. It will also save you time from having to respond manually. Please refer to the Step-by-Step Tutorials section to learn more about this feature.

3. Create a "Special Offer" for your property. Proactively market your property to thousands of travelers who subscribe to our newsletters. Periodically we send out a newsletter called “Best Value Accommodation” newsletter which showcase Special Offers in Please refer to the Step-by-Step Tutorials section to learn more about this feature.

We have included new online Step-by-Step Tutorials. Learn how to take full advantage of your subscription.

We are excited to continue providing a unique service to travelers and property owners. We need your feedback. If you are a property owner and you have a account please to participate in a short Property Owner Survey.

Wishing you a booked up year

Frank Suarez
Customer Service Manager