Module 5 - Call Script - Promoting Free listings (Confidential)

Script 1:

If there is a name in the Name field of Mojo (other than owner):
Hi, Is this [Name] ?

My name is -------- I'm calling on behalf some of clients who are looking for accommodations or rentals in your area.

Are you the person handling reservations?

Can you please confirm your reservation contact email:

Do you have a Website with recent photos, rates and availability information?:

Thank you. You will receive an email from with instructions
on how to get in touch with our clients

Please make sure our email does not go to your spam folder. Thank you.

Scrip 2:

Hello. My name is ----- . Are you still offering a vacation property?

[Yes] Okay – great...We are looking for some new options in your area to offer our travelers.

Would you mind if we pass your property information onto our clients?

[OK] Perfect! Please verify this information:

- Email: (verify from mojo, is this the best email to reach you?)
- Property website (I need an online listing that shows your rates and availability).

- Name: (verify, Is this the person handing reservations?)
- Telephone: (verify)

Closing explanation:

Thank you. Next, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to get in touch with our clients.

[optional] Our listing fees go from $15 a month, but please dont worry about that now. Right now, the most important thing is to get your property information available to potential guests who are requesting accommodations in your area.

Then go to and complete this form.

Then log the RentaloID in your report.

You are done! Back to dialing!

Other ways to get the property information from prospects:

1) In Mojo, check the User Notes tab -- look for 'Source' and verify it with prospect

2) Sometimes the email in mojo e.g., has the website e.g., Just look at the email and verify it with prospect.

3) Ask: Are you adverting online on another directory? If so, get the website and listing ID

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