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I am receiving emails from Rentalo with "Partial" accommodation requests.

If you have an active subscription with Rentalo, you may still receive "partial" accommodation requests from Rentalo if:

A. You have multiple email addresses in our system.  Please note that the email included in the subject line of the "partial" accommodation request is different than the email address that you used to subscribe to Rentalo. That “other” email address is producing partial inquires for you and should be removed from our system unless you are planning to add another property listing with that secondary email address.

B. You have an “Unpaid” account. That is an account that you my have attempted to set up but never completed and so never actually subscribed (paid) on Rentalo.

C. You have an expired “Trial” account. That is a trial account that Rentalo may have set up for you as a free trial for 30 days or a trial account you may have requested at some point in time that has now expired.

In these particular instances our system will continue to generate inquires for you from travelers interested in accommodations in your general area. However because these multiple email addresses are not considered “paid” accounts on Rentalo, we only forward to you the partial accommodation request or inquiry.

Why are multiple email address' in Rentalo?
Our marketing team is contantly offering trial subscriptions to new clients.  If you (like most people) have more than one email address, it is possible that our marketing team came accross onf of your other email addresses, and offered you a trial susbcription. Technically, there is no way to match multiple email addresses to the same account.

Simply forward the email you received with the "partial" accommodation request to and ask to "remove multiple email(s)".  Our tehcnical support team will remove the multiple email(s), and you will stop receiving partial inquiries.

If you need any further help, please do not hesiate to contac us.

We appreciate your patience, and apologize for this inconvenience.

Rentalo Support Team