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How "Email Privacy" Works?

According to recent statistics gathered on the search engines, less than 10% of the travelers feel comfortable about disclosing their personal email addresses online, mainly because they are afraid of getting spammed.

In response to this fact, Rentalo in conjunction with developed a solution to encourage more travelers to submit inquiries thru Rentalo by offering an option to "keep the traveler's email addresses private". 

This is how it works:

1. When submitting an inquiry to a destination, the traveler enters its “real” email address (for example and checks the box to “make email address private”.

2. Rentalo creates a virtual email address for the traveler (e.g.

3. Rentalo then sends traveler’s virtual email address to Rentalo subscribers (owners of vacation properties, B&Bs, and lodgings) that match the inquiry criteria, requesting offers.

4. Offers are sent directly by Rentalo subscribers to the traveler’s virtual email address.  Rentalo instantly forwards all email offers to the traveler’s “real” email address (
Note: This is an instant relay email service that works automatically without any human intervention.  We are also monitoring this service 24x7 to make sure it works constantly, without delay. 

5. Traveler finds the perfect property and makes a reservation.  Traveler then clicks on link to “stop” sending offers from Rentalo. At this time, Rentalo stops forwarding all emails sent to Traveler’s real email address by deactivating the traveler's virtual email address.

IMPORTANT: If traveler makes a reservation via Rentalo, it is the traveler’s responsibility to provide the "real" email address ( to the reservation contact of the property reserved. Rentalo is not be responsible for any email communication between the Rentalo subscriber and the traveler (for more details, please refer to our legal disclaimer).