Ez Reserve Service Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZ Reserve?

EZ Reserve is a property reservation and invoice management system specially tailored for vacation rental property owners and lodging managers. The system integrates seamlessly with your availability calendar and pricing tables, allowing you to create and edit reservations. You can also create invoices based on these reservations and send them to your guests. Our automated payment system through Paypal will allow you to collect money from travelers┬┤ credit cards and paypal accounts, in a safe and convenient way.

How does EZ Reserve work?

EZ Reserve synchronizes with your updated availability calendar so you can create reservations on behalf of travelers. Setup EZ Reserve so you can create your bookings and specify reservation details for your guest. Notification emails will be sent by the system, securing the dates and updating your availability calendar automatically. You may now link your leads and opportunities with a booking management system. You will be able to create professional invoices to send to your guests and choose from online and offline payments. Traveler payments are securely handled through Paypal.

What do I need to activate EZ Reserve?

EZ Reserve requires you to have at least one active and verified property to use the booking and invoicing systems. We strongly advise you maintain your availability and pricing information current and updated. If you want to receive online payments, you may do so by linking your Paypal account to Rentalo.

Can I make reservations for travelers and then bill them?

Yes, you can make reservations on behalf of travelers and then schedule and send invoices. Travelers will be notified through Rentalo and you will be streamlining your reservation to billing process. Travelers can then pay you securely through paypal. Your guests will value that you provide them with an easy and secure payment method. On the other hand, you can now handle and manage your reservation and invoicing in a platform specifically designed for you.

Do I need a Paypal account to use EZ Reserve?

No. You can still manage your reservations and invoices with offline payment methods. If you use some other type of payment method like checks or wire transfers, you may set them up in EZ Reserve also. However, we strongly suggest you link your paypal account to EZ Reserve to receive secure and convenient online payments. Paypal is a popular online payment platform. Learn more about Paypal?

How is EZ Reserve priced?

EZ Reserve is activated based on an annual subscription priced at USD $65. EZ Reserve is a centralized platform to manage and track your reservations, invoices and payments. The fee also includes Paypal integration if a paypal account is linked to Rentalo.

Will the Rentalo Worry Free Lodging Guarantee apply to EsZ Reservations?

We still need to clarify this point.