Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Below are some of the questions we are asked by new vacation rental owners and/or short-term accommodation managers who may be considering to subscribe to Rentalo's services:

How can I contact this traveler directly?
In order to contact a traveler, you first need to register your property in Rentalo, and then click the "inquiries" link to find the inquiry and reply it. You can registere your property online using the link provided in the email or by call our Traveler Services team at (+1) 305-558-5577 ext 2 or (+1) 877-710-5914 ext 2 (toll-free in the US & Canada).

Why is Rentalo sending me all these emails about prospective clients?
At Rentalo, we are constantly getting inquiries from travelers and vacationers who are actively searching for properties to stay at while on their vacations or business trips. As a service to our travelers and vacationers, we contact vacation rental owners and/or short-term accommodation managers who may also benefit from booking these potential clients. Initially, many of the property owners we contact have been referred to us by other travelers or travel agents in our network.

Are these real inquiries?
Yes. Rentalo is a highly reputable business who has been servicing the travel lodging industry for over 10 years. It would be fraudulent, unethical and foolish to produce "fake" leads and send them to potential customers.

Does Rentalo get paid commissions on bookings?
No. Rentalo does offer a flat-fee subscription service to vacation rental owners and/or short-term accommodation managers who would like to publish a listing for travelers to see year-round. Please use the link provided in the email to find out more aboout our subscription costs.

Why is Rentalo sending me inquiries that do not match my property?
As part of the service we offer to our travelers, we offer destination-based inquiries. And we may have very limited information about your property type in our system. Unfortunately, this often leads to the possibility of sending you mis-qualified leads for your property. However, this can be easily corrected by simply editing your listing in Rentalo. As soon as you edit your property listing and enter details, such as minimum stay, pricing, number of guests that you can accommodate, etc, we will then be able to filter our inquiries and send you more appropriate leads.