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How to Post Free Classified Ads and Increase your Bookings in Rentalo -- At the same time!

At Rentalo, we work hard to help our property owners achieve the highest possible return for their advertising dollars. Our highly dedicated team of professionals is constantly implementing new technologies and strategies to increase our traffic and visibility. Most of this work happens in the "back-end" of Rentalo. Yet, we also see a great opportunity to work together with our property owners; especially in areas where we can have a significant impact to our common goal: Get as close to 100% booking "status". For this reason, we like to this opportunity to show you how you can post free classified ads on the Web. Please know that by posting free classified ads and linking these ads to YOUR Rentalo listing, you can help its ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN.

In the last years, we have seen a number of web sites increase their relevancy in the search engines, and especifically for keywords related to the travel and vacation rental industry. Among these web sites, we are seeing some that offer "free classified ads". For our December 06 Owner's Newsflash edition, we chose to recommend, as the leading "free classified ads" web site receiving over 4 Billion page views per month, and ranked among the top 30 most visited Web sites in World Wide. lists over 200 regional local communities or locations, and it has a special category dedicated for "Vacation Rentals". There are many other web sites available that offer free classified ads. We recommend that you post as many free ads as possible (or as time allows!).

Here are a few tips for posting your free ad in Craiglist:

Receive our Best Value Accommodations Newsletter - Free Vacation Rental, Lodging and Accommodation Deals Posting free ads in Craigslist is easy and should only take about 15 minutes the first time you do it. Below we have broken it down into 8 simple steps:

BEFORE POSTING: If this is your first time visiting, we recommend that you first select the closest city to your vacation property. Note that currently has over 200 cities (metropolitan areas) all over the world (United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Americas, etc). However, if your specific "location" is not listed, we still recommend that you post your free ad in the closest possible location, city, state or country that you can find. Look for the category "vacation rentals" link under the category: Housing (on the center column). Spend a few minutes browsing a few ads to see some examples and get some ideas on how to post your ad.

1) When you are ready to post, click on the [ Post ] link that appear in the upper right corner of the "Vacation Rentals" page in the location of your choice (e.g. Check Orlando vacation rental classfieds at

2) Select "I am offering housing" option

3) Choose category: vacation rentals

4) Create your posting - When completing this form, please note that the only required fields are shown in "green". Here are some sample ads:

Sample 1 ad:
Posting Title: From $700/week, 2 bedroom Condo
Attention Craigslisters,
We have the best rental deal and the lowest rates on vacation home rental in Blue Ridge area.
For complete details, pictures, rates and availability visit:

Also, check these Rentalo's client ad samples:

TIP 1: Under your "Posting Description", we highly recommend that you include a link (URL) to your Rentalo listing on all your free ads. Again, please know that by doing this, you will also be helping the ranking of YOUR Rentalo listing in search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN (even if you have your own web site, you should still add Rentalo's links when posting these ads).

TIP 2: Under "Your email address", we recommend that you use the third option called "" -- this way the readers will need to click on the link you provide to view full details of your property listing in Rentalo.

When done, click "Continue"

5) View the "preview" ad, and type the verification word in the box, then click "Continue"

6) Read & accept "Terms of Use" by clicking on the link below that says "ACCEPT the terms of use"
At this point, craiglist will send you an email with the subject "POST/EDIT/DELETE : (vacation rentals) Location - Property ad title

7) Click on the confirmation link sent to you via email

8) Click on the "publish" tab that appears on the landing page of the confirmation link.

Congratulations! Now you are done creating your posting! Allow up to 30 minutes or so to see your posting online.

Receive our Best Value Accommodations Newsletter - Free Vacation Rental, Lodging and Accommodation Deals You should save the ad data on a text document in your computer, so that you can re-post your ad in the future. In Craigslist, your ad will expire 45 days after it was created.

Happy Posting!!!

FAQ # 1: So why can't Rentalo post these free classified ads for my property in Craiglist and all these other free classified ads out there?
Answer: First, these web sites offering "free classified ads" were created to serve individuals and consumers, and not businesses. Therefore,, as a commercial entity, would be in violation of the "Terms of Use" of Craigslist if we post multiple ads. We highly recommend you read their terms of use carefully before posting multiple ads.

FAQ # 2: Will I be violating Craiglist's terms of use if I post more than one ad for my property?
Answer: Yes. As stated in their "Terms of Use", you should only have one active ad for your rental / lodging business. We highly recommend you read their terms of use carefully before posting your ads to avoid being liable for their $100 penalty for each additional ad you post in this web site. We also recommend that you "remove" you old ads, if you post new ads within 45 days.

FAQ # 3: Is Rentalo affiliated with Craigslist?
Answer. No. Rentalo is not associated in any way with Craigslist. We are only recommending it to our clients as an opportunity for them to benefit from free advertising and also as a way for them to help the visibility of their listing in Rentalo.

If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Our staff is available to assist you in posting your free ads!