Our Guarantee


If you fail to generate revenues equal to THREE TIMES the cost
of your subscription during the initial subscription period, we will continue to list
your property at no cost until you do

The above guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions. If these three terms are not adhered to by the client, Rentalo.com will not be obligated to honor the guarantee.

#1. The client must agree to fully comply with our listing guidelines and legal disclaimer during the entire period of the paid subscription and during the extended period under the guarantee if it should come into effect.

#2. The client must agree to allow Rentalo.com to make any and all editing changes (i.e.; pictures, title for the listing and property details) to the said listing under the guarantee. However, the client will determine details such as pricing, availability, contact information and a link to their own site at their own discretion.

#3. The guarantee becomes effective after the listing expires if the client fails to receive at least three times the cost of the Sponsor subscription. In such case, Rentalo.com will extend the client's listing in 3 month intervals for up to two additional years, if necessary, until the client has received bookings totaling at least three times the cost of the Sponsor subscription. If the client is able to receive the agreed return within any of the 3 month intervals, the guarantee is fulfilled and the listing will expire. The client will then have to re-subscribe in order to renew the listing.

#4. This guarantee is limited to extending the listing and does not offer money back.

This guarantee does not cover all account types in Rentalo and is limited to property owners that were offered the guarantee until December 31, 2005.

(Please print this page for your records)