Help for Property Owners

Understanding How Rentalo's Inquiry Service Works

An highly effective service that makes it easier for renters to "RENT", and increases the chances for rental managers to "BOOK" their properties.

From a visitor's perspective ...

It is a Free ... No cost or obligation.
It Saves your Time Search for the right Place .... Our form takes about one minute to fill out - just asks the basic information we would need to help you find a rental in the destination of your choice.
If Save you Money ... Within minutes, our rental associates will start sending you their best deals and rental offers. You will then be able to choose the offer that you like best.
It is Safe ... Rentalo is highly committed to honor our visitor's privacy. Please read more about our Privacy Policy. In addition, we also use a secured server connection to better protect our visitor's contact information.

From a Property Owner's (or manager's) perspective ...

More leads = more bookings! - Rentalo's inquiry service has significantly increased the amount of rental leads that we have been able to generate for each individual listings in the past.

Timing is everything - Rentalo's inquiry service has the potential to significantly increase the amount of booking are property owners can get. That we have been able to generate for each individual listings in the pa

Increase your contact list - Developing an strategy for repetitive advertising can be a great investment of your time as a property manager. Rentalo's leads can be a great source for building your own email distribution list. This email list can be used year after year to stay in touch with your prospect clients. This year you may be booked already, or may never hear from this potential client, however, you can still get a booking some day if you are persevere. For example, some of Rentalo's Premium customers received several leads from us before subscribing to our Premium service. You can easily apply the same concept to your rental business. It works!

How does it work? Step by-Step:

  1. First, renter submits a rental inquiry
  2. Rentalo's engine process inquiry, matches the inquiry to listings that match the inquiry's criteria*, and sends it to our associated rental managers for that destination.
  3. Rental managers receive rental inquiry details and contact information (available only to our Premium listings only).
  4. At this time, depending upon pricing and availability, rental managers will choose to respond to rental Inquiry (via email or by telephone). Typically, rental mangers respond within 48 hours, assuming there are properties that match their pricing and availability.
  5. Renter receives rental offers. At this time, renter can contact directly rental manager to make reservation arrangements.
Here are some of the key features of our Rental Inquiry service:

- An Easy Way for Travelers to Find Vacation Rentals - When a visitor (traveler or vacationer) comes to our site, we now offer him the choice to submit an inquiry to us.

- Real-Time Delivery - As soon as the visitor submits an inquiry, Rentalo generates an inquiry email and sends it to all our listings registered in the same location as chosen as the "Destination" by the inquirer that match our criteria.

- Premium Listings Reply Policy - Rentalo reserves the right to respond to these inquiries for our Premium customers only. Free trial listings will only get partial inquiries (with no contact information) as a way for Rentalo to introduce our Premium services and prove our ability to generate leads.

- Expiration/Removal Policy - There are only two ways these inquiries can be removed from our database:

  1. if the inquirer deletes it (after finding a rental property)
  2. It will automatically expire at arrival date.

- Validation Rules - In order to minimize the amount of false inquiries we generate, we have implemented a number of validation rules and restrictions. We also implemented an abuse reporting system. If you receive a false inquiry, please report it to us so that we can remove it immediately. Important: Please be aware that Rentalo discourages property owners submitting false inquiries for any reason. We consider this a violation of our services. We are constantly monitoring these types of events to prevent them from happening.

- Tips for managing inquiries - As a Premium customer, you are now receiving full inquiries including all the contact information. As a result, you do not need to come back to our inquiries database and enter this long string of numbers to retrieve this information. Instead, you should create a folder on your email software (client) to store these inquiries and discard them as needed.

-Tips for replying to Rentalo's Generated Area Inquiries:
Most of our area inquiries have both emails and telephone numbers. However, if you see fake emails or phone numbers, it is mainly because the inquirer prefers a specific method for communicating. If you choose to respond via email, you will need to copy the email from this message and paste it into the To: field of your message. We are developing a new "Contact Inquirer" form that will help you respond to these inquiries faster and more efficiently. We plan to release this new form within the next 30 to 45 days.

- Experiencing difficulties reading these emails:
We received some complaints from customers unable to read our emails. If you are having trouble reading our emails, please make sure that you upgrade your email client (software) to a later version that supports HTLM format. If you are unable to do it right away, you could also use an alternative email account (for example setup a free account with yahoo or hotmail) to receive these emails. Simply edit your listing and change your email address. Another option available to you, as a Premium listing owner, is to go to our site and view these inquiries online by clicking on "Browse Inquiries", navigating our geographical tree, and then using your UID and password to get the contact information of the inquiries for your area. Please note that you will not be able to view inquiries from other categories (areas or sub-regions).Also, as another option (not recommended), you could stop receiving these area inquiry messages by changing the "Messages" option when editing your Property Listing.