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Protect your Vacation Expenses
with Travel Insurance has teamed up with TravelGuard, one of the Nation’s leading providers of travel insurance and assistance, to offer two insurance plans, designed to mitigate travel concerns of guests booking any vacation travel (see details). The Vacation Rental Protection Plan and the Accidental Rental Damage Plan cover all kinds of unexpected events that cause problems for vacationers that use Buying travel insurance at Rentalo is easy! Just follow these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Select plan
Step 2: Select state
Step 3: Complete Traveler & Trip information
Step 4: Purchase plan

Plan 1: Vacation Rental Protection

This plan protects all pre-paid and non-refundable travel expenses (airfare, lodging -- even if not booked via Rentalo--, cruise, car rental, tours, etc) in case your travel plans don't go as expected.You must pay for this plan at least 24 hours prior to trip departure.

You can get up to $100,000USD coverage in case of a trip cancellation or interruption due to any of these reasons:
Severe weather;
Required to serve jury duty;
Military duty;
Employer terminations;
Layoffs or job transfers;
Involved in or delayed by traffic accident en route to your departure;
Named hurricane causing cancellation of travel to the insured’s Destination that is inaccessible or uninhabitable;
Mechanical breakdown of common carrier;
Primary/secondary school extending its existing session past your departure date;
Documented theft of passports or visas.

In addition, you also receive these travel coverages:
$ 400USD Trip Delay ($100USD maximum per day)
$ 1,000USD Baggage Delay ($200USD maximum per day)
$ 1,000USD Baggage and Personal Effects
$ 25,000USD Medical Expense
$ 500,000USD Emergency Medical Transportation
Included: Travel Medical Assistance
Included: Worldwide Travel Assistance
Included: Roadside Assistance
Included: Concierge Services
Included: Identity Theft Protection
Included: Pet Return Service

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Important: Please know that the Vacation Rental Protection plan does not include any coverage in case something is damaged at the vacation property during your stay e.g. the TV falls and breaks. For that type of coverage, you need to consider purchasing one of the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance plan options (plan 2 as described below).

Plan 2: Accidental Rental Damage Insurance

The Accidental Rental Damage Insurance has been especially designed to allow property owners and/or
managers to make this coverage available to your guests in lieu of requiring a security deposit.

Important: Please know that the Accidental Rental Damage insurance policy does not cover any of the events covered as part of plan 1 above (Vacation Rental Protection Plan). We highly recommend that you consult the property owner or manager prior to purchasing this insurance.
Key Benefits:

As an added Value to your Guests … Guests no longer need to worry about how much or when their security deposit will be returned.

As an added value to owners / managers … Reduced administration. Owners / managers will not longer need to go thought the hassle of collecting security deposits, managing the money, then spending time and resources refunding these fees.

There are 2 available options:

When your guests choose to purchase either of these options, (property owners or managers may also opt to include this cost as part of the rental agreement), the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance will cover the guest for:
Up to $1,500 coverage if the property or its contents are damaged during their stay.
Base Premium: $45
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Up to $3,000 coverage if the property or its contents are damaged during their stay.
Base Premium: $69
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If you have any questions or concerns about the travel insurance plans, please contact us.