Learn About the Rentalo and the Industry (Confidential)

First, here is a little history/background about the website ...

Rentalo.com business was originally conceived as a specialized search engine for the vacation rental industry. Its first prototype was 1stop-rentals.com (currently a partner site) was launched in 1997. In 1999, the domain rentalo.com was published using a customized search engine software. From 1999 to 2002, the site grew in content and traffic. In January 27, 2002, Rentalo was re-launched as a global directory, and the first 2,500 subscriptions were sold. From 2003 to 2010, the site continued to grow in content and traffic and became a leading vacation rental website in the travel industry, awarded as "Best of the Web" Vacation Rental sites by the National Geographic Traveler magazine in September of 2005, and recently ranked among the top 3 sites by the New York Post in March 28, of 2010.

Next, let's go over our Company's core values, business principles, and ethics....

Please read our 'About Rentalo' page carefully to understand your responsibilities as a representative of Rentalo.com. Also, became familiar with Rentalo's BBB Rating A+

Now, let's get familiar with some of the key website pages and user interfaces.

(Please logout as admin (look for link the bottom of this page) OR use a different browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safary) so that you can experience Rentalo as a user. Rentalo will also respond a lot faster when you browse it as a user and not as an admin. BUT ... if you using a single browser, you need to copy/paste this session's text into a word document because you will not be able to see it when you logoff as admin.)

Our home page ... rentalo.com

Top Bar links:

"Help" page ... rentalo.com/docs/help.html (link showing in our upper orange bar towards the right)
Under Help, spend sometime reading these 3 pages:
Travelers Help/FAQs
Owners Help / FAQs
Other pages will be covered later.

"Add Listing" page ... http://rentalo.com/web/client/Payments/addListing.cgi also, please read the tabs: Why Advertise, Compare Services, Testimonials (please read a few), and FAQs).

Also, study this chart: Top Competitor's Comparison Chart
(which is also available to prospects clients to read by clicking Home > News (footer) > scroll near the end and look for link called 'Market Comparison').

In Module 4, we will go into more details regarding adding 'free' listings using the 'add listing' form. The success of our telephone marketing program depends on Rentalo's ability to convert free listings to paid subscription.

Home Footer Links:

"News" page ... rentalo.com/docs/press.html
- Read article: Homes Away from Home by New York Post
- Also read some of our Press Releases, and Traveler's Newsletters

"Testimonials" ... these are mostly testimonials from travelers. Invest 10-15 minutes reading a few at the bottom of this page (most recent).

Our destination pages ... Example, in the search box in the top bar, type Orlando

Destination pages are the most important pages for sales people! Rentalo has close to 15,000 destination pages showing 200,000 listings worldwide - they all look very similar. So, pick your favorite destination page ... PLEASE become familiar with these sub-pages & forms:

- Destination inquiry form. Click the "Inquire on multiple properties " form -- This is form travelers use to submit destination-based inquiries. e.g. Orlando destination inquiry

- Private inquiry form. Click any property page in the destination of your choice to become familiar with our property listing, view pictures, videos, pricing, availability calendar, contact form -- inquiries sent by travelers that use the contact owner forms are 'private inquiries'.
e.g. find your own!

- Wanted Ads. Look for a link on top right on the page called e.g. Post Your Wanted Ad in Orlando - here you can see all the "pending" destination-based inquiries from travelers looking for properties in this destination. This is a great sales tool to show prospect clients when promoting free listings. You (and prospect clients) will be able to send offers to all travelers with inquiries showing status = 'accepting offers' upon registering for a free listing.

Our regional pages ... examples: Florida, USA These are "transitional" or "bridge" pages that travelers use to navigate when they use the map in the home page, instead of typing the name of the destination. We do not sell any subscriptions on these pages at this time, but it is good for you to know they exist because we feature Sponsor listings in these pages as a "value added" service.

Our staff .... Next, lets get to know our staff ...

Please bookmark this page: http://rentalo.com/docs/rstaff.html

Our internal communication during business hours is done via Skype texting & voice. You need to create a Skype account and join a chat to stay in communication with our team at all times during working hours. Please remember to add alfredopurrinos as a friend to your Skype account.

Homework 1: Experiencing Rentalo as a traveler

a) First, go to the destination NML (our test destination), select listing called 'TRAVELERS SPOT' (ID 383648), and submit a private inquiry using your personal email address

b) Next, go to the destination NML, and submit a destination inquiry in Africa: NML (using the form on the top to 'inquire on multiple properties'

After you submit an inquiry, you should receive a confirmation email from Rentalo with your password.Then, sign-in to your traveler account and become familiar with the user interfaces & tabs.

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