Module 2 - Learn About Our Dialer Technology (Confidential)

Mojo/Lead System Setup & Training

If possible, you should install MOJO appl on your PC. To do so, go to, click 'Login' and sign in with the account email & password provided by Rentalo.

Once you login, click the 'INSTALL' tab and scroll down the page and click on the 'MojoCRM Setup' to download and install the appl.

During the install, it may prompt you to enter the Registration information to install Microsoft SQL Server Native Client Setup. If so, just leave the default values and click 'Next' 2 times and then 'Install', and the 'Finish'.

Next, enter Customer PIN: 8563041 and hit next. When installed, you should see a blue window 'Status;Active' where you are asked to enter User name and Password (use the account info provided by Rentalo) and hit 'Login'.

Now you should be on the main Mojo Screen. Click on the red button (lower left corner of the screen) called 'Tech Support', and click on the 'General Overview' video (item 2 of the Mojo Training Videos).

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to install MOJO, please do not panic! simply skip to the next module. Rentalo Staff will help you install Mojo on your PC - just bring it to the office. If Rentalo is not able to install it on your PC for whatever reason, Rentalo will provide you a PC. You may also attend a DEMO, available Monday - Friday at 4 PM EST. You can register using this link: Webinar Link

Now, you will be 'Mojo ready' to sit down with a Rentalo staff and go over the initial setup for your agent account. You can proceed to the next training module.

Below is a typical step-by-step overview of a Mojo dialing session:
1) Agent login to the Dialer by clicking the "Login Dialer" button
2) Agent start Call Session by hitting the Start Call Session
3) Agent gets connected to a call, and pitch the script.
4) Agent collect the necessary info and hit the 'Hangup' button.
5) Agent creates listing.

Important: Agents have up to 7 minutes after hitting the 'Hand up' button to create the listing and disposition the call (select 'Call Result' button). If it takes them more than 7 minutes to create the listing, you will be logout of Mojo Dialer and will have to log back in. Now, it that happens don't worry, you will still be able to disposition the call. Your timesheet will show an additional in/out time everytime you login in & out, but the total will still be accurate. Once you get the hang of this, 7 minutes is more than enough time for you to create the listing and answer some inquiries.

6) Agent dispositions the call (hit a button under 'Call Result') to re-start the dialing session.

Email template sample: (To be used in Mojo and on your Rentalo Email as a follow up)


My name is YOUR NAME and I work for; an award-winning  travel lodging directory, accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating since 2003. 

We have helped thousands of hospitality businesses by referring highly targeted leads.  We currently have 1.3 Million opted-in leisure and business travelers in 15,000 destinations worldwide.

I would like to invite you to list your property with us, with no upfront cost or obligation, so that you can become familiar with our site and quality of referrals.
If you have any questions, or would prefer to speak to me prior to listing your property in our website, please reply with a best time to call you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

1.877.710.5914 ext 6XX toll-free
1.305.558.5577 ext 6XX local
8004 NW 154ST #401, Miami, FL 33016

P.s,  Check out some of the articles written about RENTalo in the News by publications like NEW YORK POST, Travel+Leisure, The New York Times, and many others. 


Leaving Message Script (Mojo): (Not applicable to free listings)

“Hi, this is ___________. I am calling about your rental property in ______________. You can contact me back at 786-221-xxxx. Again, this is __________ and I can be reached at 786-221-xxxx.”

"ON-Hold" Message Script (Mojo, FCC requirement): (Not applicable to free listings)

Hello (wait 2 seconds) Hello, this is [AGENT NAME], I’m sorry I can’t hear you, can you hear me? … Sorry, if you can hear me, I’ll call you back from another phone shortly … my number is AGENT_PHONE

Let's start dialing!!!

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