Module 3 - Handling Questions & Answers (Confidential)

After you have read have invested some time becoming familiar with the Rentalo Website, then read these FAQs below in preparation to starting calling prospect clients.

Q / Is this a solicitation?
Actually we are calling you in response to your solicitation for travelers to stay at your place. Aren't you soliciting business clients online?

Q / Who is Rentalo?
One of the top 3 vacation rentals sites in the industry. In business for 11 years and with an BBB rating of A+.

Q/ Where did you get my name or telephone number?
We get it from various sources such as travel partners, chamber of commerce, BBBs, government offices of tourisms, surveys, and many others.

Q/What if asked a question that you do not know the answer ...
Simply say: “That’s a good question – if you don’t mind, I’ll get back to that in a minute.”

Q/I'm already advertising in Google & Yahoo. Why should I advertise at Rentalo?
That's great! I'm so glad you are doing that. If you let me explain, I will show how much money and time our service can save you.

ASK: Do you know how much is your average cost per lead in Google or Yahoo?

In the travel industry, companies pay an excess of $1 per click and get 5% click-to-lead conversion, which means that companies pay as much as $20 per lead. With a leads-to-booking conversion of 5% (typical for the travel industry), companies pay as much as $400 per booking when doing PPC advertising!

In Rentalo, on average our Sponsor listings receive 100 leads per year (Premium listings average 50 leads), so, with a 5% lead-to-booking conversion, our clients pay $4 per lead (about $80 per booking) -- that's a great ROI compared to PPC's. Also, doing PPC advertising in Google & Yahoo is very time consuming. Owner's core business is to convert leads to bookings e.g. selling bookings.

(By the way, Rentalo has over 200,000 keywords in Google & Yahoo (over 15,000 PPC campaigns) and also give you great exposure in several partner sites such as AOL,, from Orbitz, and Yahoo Travel).

Q/I'm already advertising in other sites. Why should I advertise at Rentalo?
That's great! I'm so glad you are doing that. But let me ask you this: Can you benefit from a few more bookings? If so, let me show you how Rentalo is helping thousands of owners around the world.

Q/Can I have a free listing?
Yes, that's the reason of my call.

Q/Why Rentalo does not allow prospect clients to contact travelers directly?
Short: Rentalo invests money in marketing and anti-fraud systems to protect you and your clients (travelers).
Long: In order to do proper internet marketing and ensure owners get an acceptable ROI, Rentalo invest up-front money to generate quality leads. Any well established business knows that quality leads cost a lot of money! Additionally, Rentalo also offer a $5,000 lodging guarantee to protect travelers (our client’s clients) from potential frauds. This extra safety step requires an up-front investment to validate owner's legitimacy.

Q/ Why can't you just send these travelers to my webpage?
Actually, I would be glad to setup a free listing for you so that you can get our destination-based inquiries from travelers interested in visiting your destination.

Q / The reason I am calling ...
I'm an advertising consultant working for a firm that has helped thousands of small businesses by giving them free advice and recommendations on where to advertise online to get the best advertising value and ROI (return on investments).

Q / Do you have any leads interested in my property?
In some destinations, we actually have inquiries from travelers pending bookings. Please go to the WANTED ADS link in the destination to see.

Q/ Prospect client ask to be call back at a different time/date?
Schedule a task to call back MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM
Important: Please update email address on record -- Ask him/her for his/her email address -- take time to make sure it is spelled correctly.

Q/What if asked a technical or customer service related question?
Try directing the conversation back to the "closing of the sale" by telling them, “Unfortunately, my role is limited strictly to “new Subscriptions,” but if you’d like, I can have someone from our Customer Service Dept contact you back. Would you like me to do that? or, I'm sure that's something our customer service team will be able to answer.

Q/What if asked to call back in a few months ...
Assign "Call Again" and move on.

Q/What happens after the free listing is created?
Upon processing your 'add listing' form, you should receive a welcome email providing your login info (RentaloID & password). You can start editing your property listing right away, copy/paste destination, upload pictures, work on your rates, availability info, and more. We have a very easy user interface, and you also have unlimited access to our Customer Service team via our toll free number.

Q/ Can timeshare companies or agencies benefit from Rentalo's service?
Yes, if they want to rent timeshare units, then they can benefit from our service (specially the destination-based inquiries). We have several clients that rent their timeshare weeks to our leads.

Q / Who should you ask for when you call a prospect?
If you are calling a B&B, ask for the "Innkeeper for XYZ B&B"
If you are calling a Hotel or Motel, ask for the "reservation manager for XYZ hotel or motel"
If you are calling a private property owner, ask for the "vacation property owner or manager for property in XYZ location"
If you are calling a property management company, ask for the "vacation property manager for the property in XYZ location"

Q) What's the difference between Destination and Private Inquiries?”
A) Destination inquiries are sent to many property owners in one destination without the traveler necessarily even seeing or clicking on your property. You are competing with the other property owners with a 1 in 20-30 chance in booking that Traveler.
Private Inquiries are “property based” meaning they’ve seen your property, clicked on your property and sent you an email specifically. You have a 1in 2-3 chance of booking that Traveler. The way you can tell the difference between the two on your email is the Private Inquiry email actually states “the traveler is interested in the following property:” and then it puts your property name there.

Q) What are the main differences between a Sponsor listing and Premium listing?
Refer to comparison chart on add listing page > Compare / Pricing.

Q/ I am already booked until year
If prospect client is not interested in more business, assign as "Not interested' and move on.

Q/ What are destination-based Inquiries?
Inquiries sent by travelers interested in finding a place to stay in your destination. These inquiries are matched by Rentalo engine and sent to multiple property owners within that destination whose listing match the traveler's inquiry criteria (e.g. number of people, length of stay, budget, etc). These leads are offered by Rentalo exclusively and broaden the reach of property owners to travelers that they would not be able to reach otherwise. It is also a great time-saving tool for travelers, and they love it --- check our several testimonials from travelers who used the service.

Q/ What are private inquiries?
Filled out by travelers who have seen a specific property’s listing and clicked on the button to contact the Owner directly. WARNING: Rentalo's private inquiries may be impacted if listing shows a telephone, toll-free number or if there is a web link (URL) to send prospect leads to the client's websites.

Q/Seasonal rentals... I'm already booked this year ... maybe next year ...
Based on recent travel trend studies, in most destinations, up to 30% of the travelers (e.g. 1/3) start planning their vacation at least 6 to 12 months in advanced.

Q/ What's Rentalo Best Value Accommodations Newsletters? sends a newsletter to travelers every 14 days (unless they “opt out”) highlighting properties that have “special offers” or that are Sponsors for their most recent destination or any “destination of choice.” It includes the “special offers” that are applicable to that traveler (size, price, etc) PLUS a list of the Sponsors from that destination.

Q/ How many listings are in Rentalo?
Currently Rentalo has close to 200,000 listings in 15,000 cities around the world. Our subscription-based inventory consist of vacation rentals, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. 80% of our subscription-based inventory are vacation rentals. We also have some commission-based listings e.g. and interhome inventory.

It is also important to visit our Help >Owner's FAQs page and go over some of the most common questions asked by clients.


Important business ethics: PLEASE NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. Giving clients erroneous or misleading information is a poor business practice and will not be acceptable. If you do not know or can't find an answer to a question, PLEASE ASK!

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