Module 4 - Adding a Free Listing (Confidential)

As a travel advertising telemarketer, you will be using this form ( to register free listings, as shown in the script. When completing this form, it it's important to know the following:

1. Select lodging type and sub-type (this is a required field)

2. Select number of bedrooms or rooms, and sleeps (e.g. maximum occupancy)

3. Property Name (This is a required field)
Special instructions -- Please use a 'generic name' specially when registering a 'hotel' e.g. 'Hotel in Orlando' (instead of Holiday Inn at International Drive).
This is important to prevent travelers from contacting property owners directly during the 'free' listings, as it is shown in the warning message in the conversations:
IMPORTANT: Please avoid including any direct contact information such as email, phones or urls in your messages to travelers. We are constantly monitoring these conversations. All violators will be suspended immediately. If you wish to have unrestricted messages with travelers, upgrade your listing.

4. Description - This is a very important field for travelers. Please try pasting here as much details as possible to describe the property. This is also a required field - you must enter a minimum of 100 words, but try entering as much as possible.

5. Currency, Price, Minimum Stay.
Rates are also extremely important for the free listings. If property has seasonal rates, please remember to edit the rates under MyHome>Properties>Edit/Manage>Pricing.
You will also need the rates in order to reply to traveler's inquiries.

6. Photos
Add at least one photo, but if there are more available, add 4. Photos are proven to be very helpful in converting free listings to paid subscriptions. The more pictures are available, the easier and quicker travelers can 'request booking'.

7. Choose property location
Another VERY important field is the 'city'. Please make sure you type the first 4 characters of the city and wait for the pull-down bar to appear, then select the correct location. Selecting the wrong city often result is prospect clients 'opting-out' from our free listing program.

8. Contact info. You can copy/paste this information from the Mojo ticket when available. The email address is the most critical field. Please make sure you verify the email address with the prospect client on the phone BEFORE hanging off (as shown in script).

Exercise 1: Adding a free listing # 1

For this homework, please logout of "Admin" (or use another browser) so that you can experience Rentalo as a regular property owner.

- Create an account using "Add listing" (top bar), and add a listing using destination: Africa: NML (our test destination).

- In the confirmation page, look for an "ALERT" message to find a link to the 'inquiries' inbox and start answering active inquiries.

- When you get to the payment page, click Sign in (top bar) and click the "forgot password" and enter your email to receive your login info via email.

After you should create an account, you will also receive a "welcome email from rentalo with RentaloID & password. Use this info to sign-in as an owner, and become familiar with these tabs:

Properties - Under properties, click 'Edit/Manage' link and go though editorial menu items 1 - 13. Fell free to upload pictures, edit your own property text, edit pricing, availability, turn ON auto offers, set a Special offer, add a link, etc.
Click the "preview" button under "Property Details" to view your listing.

Inquiries - This tab is used by owners to view and reply the inquiries sent by travelers. Click on the destination to see the inquiries log. As part of this program, you will be answering up to 5 inquiries for each free listing you register.

Contact and Sign in Info - this is the page that allows owners to change their contact info. and password.

Exercise 2: ' Add listing' # 2 (logged-in as Rentalo admin)

Repeat exercise # 1 sign-in as admin so that you can practice registering a free listing as admin.

IMPORTANT: For tracking of conversions, it is very important that you are logged-in as admin when registering free listings.

Log RentaloID on your Listing Report - Congratulations, You just made your first $5 box!

Also, please email or post on chat the RentaloID so that you can get some feedback on your listing's content.

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