Module 5 - Scripts - Promoting Free listings (Confidential)

Hello. My name is -------- . I'm a travel agent calling you to help some clients find
a place to stay (or vacation rental, or hotel, of B&B if known) in your area (or mention the city)

I would like to get some information about your property (VR, Hotel or B&B).

- Can I please have a website where I can find recent photos, rates, and availability information for your property?

- Lastly, I also need an email for travelers to contact you.

[If you are using mojo, you can compare the email in mojo - but do not say it to avoid them asking you where you got it]

- Contact Name: (Are you the person handing reservations? if so, sshould I include your name as the main contact name?)

- Contact Telephone: (verify the number you called)

Closing explanation:

Thank you. Next, you will be receiving an email from Rentalo with instructions on how to get in touch with our travelers. Please make sure it does not go to your spam folder.

If they asked: Where did you get my contact info?
Answer: Internet search for rentals (or hotels) in [location].

If they ask: How much it costs?
Answer: There is no cost for this service. We are doing it as a service to our clients. You will be able to contact our travelers via our website (Rentalo) without incurring any upfront costs.
Only if you want to get direct contact information from our travelers, you will then be given some options to subscribe to our site so you can contact our travelers directly (without having to go thru our website).

Our listing fees go from $15 a month, but please dont worry about that now. Right now, the most important thing is to get your property information available to potential guests who are requesting accommodations in your area.

THANK YOU ... Hang up.

Then go to and complete this form.

Then log the RentaloID & URL in your report.

You are done! Back to dialing!

Other ways to get the property information from prospects:

1) In Mojo, check the User Notes tab -- look for 'Source' and verify it with prospect

2) Sometimes the email in mojo e.g., has the website e.g., Just look at the email and verify it with prospect.

3) Ask: Are you adverting online on another directory? If so, get the website and listing ID

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