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Money-back Guarantee

Rentalo no longer offers a standard money-back guarantee on Premium subscriptions. However, if you subscribed prior to March 12, 2004, you may be eligible for a refund considering the following requirements:
a) The customer (you) most turn our auto-offer feature ON at least 3 months prior to the expiration date of the subscription.
(Based on the nature of our service, we consider this feature essential in order to produce bookings with our service).
b) The customer’s property was available at least 50% of the time during the first 6 months of your subscription with us. This guarantee is voided is if for any reason your property is sold, or taken out of the rental or lodging market during this time.
c) The customer (you) most send the refund request in writing within 90 days after the first 6 months of the beginning of the subscription (or before the end of the 9th month of your subscription). No refunds will be granted prior to the first 6 months, or after the first year (or at the renewal date).
If for any reason you do not meet one or more of the above requirements, you will not qualify for a full refund.