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Traveler Behavior Research.

Find out what travelers look for while searching for a property.

While listening to our travelers, we have learned an interesting experience which we want to share with you. We found out what is that travelers really pay attention to when they are searching for vacation rentals. Read on to take advantage of their tips.

Travelers these days are mostly busy and do not have a lot of time to search for vacation places. Therefore they demand updated, complete, and relevant information as fast as possible. While looking through our inventory of properties, they only view profiles that have the most information provided.

Having that in mind, we gathered 5 tips that will help you be better seen by your future clients. They may seem trivial and obvious, but pay close attention and do your own check-list. Ask yourself:  “Do I have this information provided?” If not, take some time to revise your Rentalo profile and make sure you update it!

These are 5 basic things you must know while managing your on-line ad:

  1. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Travelers like to see high quality photos of your property. Not just of the outside of your house, but also and especially the details: bedrooms, living room, balcony, bathrooms, social area. Show off with your amenities! Take pictures of your game room, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and other extras you might have. And do not forget to capture the view from your windows!Take advantage of the fact that Rentalo lets you upload unlimited amount of pictures!

If you have to deal with scanned photographs and do not own a digital camera yet, think about getting one. These days it is not a big investment and there are very affordable cameras out there that even have a video option! You do not need a master’s equipment, 3 mega pixels is enough to showcase your house.

  1. Updated and valid contact information.

Make it as easy as possible for travelers to contact you. Some people prefer to call than to e-mail, so make sure you have your phone number updated and valid. If you have a toll free number, post it on the first place giving your clients a convenient option. Be available to take calls. If you are not at home, list also your cell phone number. This way you will not miss any potential bookings! Make sure you add your first name so that travelers know who to ask for. It makes your communication with a traveler way more personalized.

  1. Details of your property.

This is one of the most crucial parts – writing a copy that sells.

First of all – your property name. The name is the first thing after a photo that travelers can see when they are looking at Rentalo listings. Think about features that distinguish your place from others and take advantage of it (ex. Beach front, Cozy and comfortable, Affordable). The more specified and targeted it is, the better. Take some time to look at the competition in your location and make sure your title is original and stands out.

Make sure you add essential details, for example: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, sleeps. Take some time to write a compelling description. Make it personalized and simple, but also try to capture all the significant features of your property. Talk about advantages of your place. Add details such as: “during the rainy nights you can sit by a fireplace and watch one of the movies from our wide DVD collection.” Give travelers idea of what they can do at your place and in the area. Do your own research on local activities and write about them, your clients will appreciate this information. You can also choose “Things to do” from our list.

When you are writing a description, make sure you put in as many keywords connected with your location and property as possible which will allow travelers to find you in search engines. (ex. Mission Beach luxurious condo, Orlando vacation rental.. etc).
Remember, your goal is to make travelers feel that your place it the one they are looking for!

  1. Your pricing schedule.

Majority of travelers pay a lot of attention to the prices. They already have a specified budget for their family vacation and try to refine their search to prices only. Remember, if you do not have prices added, your vacation rental will not appear in their search!

Make sure to add prices for you rental. If your fees vary through seasons, holidays – we give you an opportunity to add multiple price ranges. You can also put nightly, weekly or monthly rates in different currencies.

  1. Availability calendar.

Just as the pricing schedule, your availability information is the subject of a travelers’ refine search. Once they inquire, they have to specify dates of their trip. If you do not have your calendar updated, you will get requests that do not match your booking calendar. Don’t waste yours and traveler’s time and take time to cross out the dates you have already booked.

We believe that above tips are absolutely crucial for the quality of your listing. Put yourself in the traveler’s shoes and think of what you would be looking for while planning vacation. This helps!
If any of these items are missing in your profile, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you. Your performance is very important to us, let us help you improve your profile.

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