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How to Handle Multiple Booking Requests.

Did you ever have to turn down the guest request because you were already booked? This happens to many owners but very few respond on these inquiries. Show the high quality of your service. Guests will be grateful and consider you in the future! Read on to learn more.

Our Mission Bay Hideaway in San Diego, http://www.missionbayhideaway.com, often gets requests for the same timeframe. There are likely many ways to deal with this, including just ignoring the inquiry if the time is already booked; but the important thing we’ve always kept in mind is how the prospective tenant would feel on the other end of the email inquiry if there’s no response. The prospective client took the time to put together the inquiry with our caliber of property in mind; and an email response is the least they should expect.

When we receive a request for an already reserved timeframe, we always respond with our normal “thank you” for the inquiry and describe the amenities of our apartment; however, we end with the statement,  “Unfortunately,  someone has already booked your requested week in  _____; however, if things change, we’ll contact you immediately.”  If their inquiry indicates that their schedule is flexible, we’ll offer other available   timeframes.  Frequently, we’ve booked the alternative timeframes; and occasionally, when the original tenant has had to cancel, the next in line was able to book the timeframe. 
A second thing we always do to ensure fairness in the multiple request scenarios, is to maintain a strict 1st come, 1st served principle.  We include the following in our email close, “Please call as soon as you've decided to make your reservation, so we can pencil you in and give you first option on your week or weeks, since we operate on a 1st come, 1st served basis.”  When someone makes a verbal commitment, we tell them that they are penciled into this timeslot; but they must get their deposit to us as soon as possible to solidify the reservation, at which time we’ll ink them in and send them a confirmation, along with answers to Frequently Asked Questions. To others that inquire for the same timeframe, while awaiting a deposit, we state that someone else is penciled in, but that we will give them next priority, should the 1st in line fall out, for any reason. We then call back the 1st in line and give them a deadline for us receiving the deposit, so that there’s no confusion as to who has priority and the obligations for sealing the rental contract. Many travelers have indicated to us how much they appreciated our honesty in this regard.

The third thing we do, which is equally as important as the other two, is to network with other landlords in the surrounding Mission Bay and Mission Beach area.  Fortunately, a number of our neighbors have beach and bay rentals, and we regularly refer travelers to their websites when we have the requested timeframe booked.  A key to this process is ensuring that all landlords have their availability calendars up-to-date. Nothing is more frustrating for us or the traveler, than to have our hopes up that a timeframe appears available, only to discover that the availability calendar is not current.
These three things, although simple and logical, we believe are keys to maintaining good relationships with our prospective tenants during the all-important inquiry and reservation phase of the rental transaction. By dealing honestly and respectfully up front, both the landlord and vacationer will be on good footing for the entire stay and possibly many visits down the road.   

Best wishes,

Bill and Calina Eckert


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