Owner´s Newsflash

Documenting feedback from your guests can be important in many ways.

In my experience as an owner, I always considered leaving my guests a "welcome letter" a very nice detail. At the end of such letter, I leave space at the bottom in the area that says: “we are listening”.  Let your guests know you always strive to meet their needs and value them and their patronage.  Ask them for their input on what you can do to improve their stay for their next visit.  Ask them to list anything they found not to work correctly or up to their expectations:  “Is there anything you wished had been available in the condo for your use?”

This shows them that you DO care and are committed to maintaining high standards by keeping everything in good working order and are willing to add things to improve their experience.  There may be no things they can think of to add, which helps them to realize just how well equipped and well maintained your property is.

Add a guest book.  Ask them to write about their favorite experiences in the area and the things they liked best about their vacation. People like to write about these things!  Many times they also write about your property.  You can even ask their permission to use this under your referrals on your website or include in your rental ad. Those kinds of comments, real testimonials are much more valuable for your future guests than tourist brochures.

If your guestbook already has entries, it will be easier to add others. People like to read what other guests wrote before and are more willing and even challenged to put their own comments!  If you start out a new guestbook, just put a nice, simple comment encouraging your guests to make a first entry.  Always leave your book in the visible place where your guests pass by and do not miss the pen!

Guestbooks will tell your guests a lot about your service. They will know you are making a huge effort to provide them with a great vacation and they will be happy to help you.

Best wishes,

Shirley Rast

Mission Beach Finest Condos
Rentalo ID 179112