Owner´s Newsflash

When your property is not occupied.

Most rental property owners will close and lock all doors and windows and close the blinds when they leave for a vacation.  Most of them will also ensure that those same things are done when their property is not occupied.  But do you pay attention to other things that can easily save money and possibly prevent a future moment of panic?  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are desirable actions you can take right now between rentals to protect the property and save energy:

check sign Leave it clean.

check signTurn off the water to minimize potential damage.

check sign Set the air conditioner to 82 degrees to prevent moisture build up.

check sign Turn off the circuit breaker to the water heater.

check sign Turn off the icemaker.

check sign Pour a quart of water into the dishwasher.

check sign Bring patio/balcony furniture inside.

check sign Close and lock all doors and windows.

check sign Close all curtains/blinds.

check sign Set the refrigerator and freezer to the lowest setting. Be sure all lights and fans and other electrical items are off.

check sign Leave toilet seats up to prevent mold from forming on the underside of the seat and the top edges of the bowl.

A couple days prior to arrival of a tenant, you will need to prep the property by turning everything on, swish the toilets and check to be sure that the place is pretty as a picture and ready for your guests. 

Best wishes,

Al Raymondi

Seabridge South Condominium
Rentalo ID 59061