News Release

for Property Owners & Managers
January 2004

New Feature:  Rentalo IDs

As requested by many of our customers, we now provide a new facility to locate property listing(s) faster and easier.

This is how it works:
Simply type your "Rentalo ID:" box in the home page or, and press enter to view your listing(s).

- This is a great way to refer clients to view your listing(s)!.
- It can also be used (in combination with your password) to login to My Rentalo ( instead of having to use your email address.

How to set it up:
Login to My Rentalo (, click on "properties", then "edit", then "Details" (Edit item #1). Simply look for the Rentalo ID box, and type your personal Rentalo ID you would like to use. (If it is not used, it will be assigned to you instantly). That's all.


New Feature:  Launching a New Travel Agent Network

Since 1998, Rentalo has generated over 5 million offers to more than 40,000 property owners and managers from around the world.  It is not surprising to know that a high percentage of these offers have been made to travel agents looking for lodgings to accommodates their clients.  This is why Rentalo has recently launched a new Travel Agent network.  This nework is mainly intented to help promote Rentalo's client's properties to travel agents.

Here are some facts for property owners to consider.  Who use travel agents?  All kind of people.  People who can't find lodging on their own, people who have no computers and no way to browse online, people who have very little time and do not know the places where they want to vacation next.  Actually, a large percentage use travel agents to get suggestions on places to visit. 

Travel agents get paid to find lodgings for their clients.  Many Travel Agents have a well established clientbase who

Travel agents also get paid commissions by many hotels, and other type of lodgings.  Based on our experience, many property owners are willing to pay from 5% to 20% commissions on confirmed bookings.

and also work on commissions, it only make sense for property owners to

An optional advertising service Rentalo is offering at no additional cost to property owners. If you are willing to work with travel agents (on a commission basis), we can promote your property to travel agents form all over the world. To turn this ON, simply login to, click properties, then edit, the item 4 (pricing). Scroll down to view the box.


New Feature:  Link Reciprocity

This is a new easy



New Feature:  Vacation Properties For Sale

This is another way to get more rentals! Simply let us know your property’s selling price, and we will promote your property to thousands of realtors around the world! These realtors can also help you get more bookings!



New Service: Our Sponsor

As part of version 2.0,


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Other Changes

  • Revised subscription plan rates - In order to keep-up with the increasing costs of internet marketing, and yet maintain an increasing inflow of inquiries and targeted traffic, we revised our subscription rates as follows:
    Single property listing - $125 USD per year (before $95)
    Multiple property listings - $250 USD per year for 2 to 5 listings (before $190)
    These new rates take affect immediately, but will not apply to you until your next renewal due date.
  • Updates to our 6-month money-back guarantee - As per releasing our Auto-Offer feature, it is now required to have this feature activated on your listing(s) in order to qualify for our 6-month money back guarantee.  Listings subscribed prior to 09/01/2003 are not required to activate the auto-offer, however, as per existing guarantee conditions, all listings are expected to contain full details including pictures, prices, etc. in order to qualify for a full refund.