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MIAMI, FL December 14, 2006 - Rentalo.com has been providing a service to lodging and rental listing owners for the last seven years. Vacation rentals are one of the important segments of accommodations on Rentalo.com. Rentalo’s hi-tech innovations and friendliness help make the site the leading Internet directory for rental accommodations. Its latest survey of visitors to the web site shows that vacation and family rentals are the leading property type on the search engines for both browsers and registered users. From owners and managers, Rentalo gets ideas about how to help them rent their properties and take advantage of Rentalo’s services. Rentalo wants to help owners get more bookings with their listings. Alfredo Purrinos, president of Rentalo, has just appointed Marta Olszewska as the company’s new owner marketing manager and Marta recently talked him about how Rentalo helps owners or managers of properties and lodgings that list on the web site. 

Marta: How much information is needed for travelers to book these vacation properties online? 

Purrinos: For travelers to book properties online, property listers need to supply at least four basics: description, a minimum of three photos, pricing and availability. At Rentalo, we have a dedicated staff of copywriters who review individual listings and provide useful suggestions to owners. We also educate our listing owners of the importance of providing these details to Rentalo, not only for travelers but also for getting more traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. The number of bookings is proportional to the details and accuracy of the information in the listings.

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