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Newly Re-Launched Classified Site for Lodges and Hotel Reservations

Miami, FL, June 24, 2009. TripLodgings is the easiest way to find specialized classified ads for lodges and hotel reservations, motels and holiday resorts online. This specialized classified site directly engages travelers with hotel owners and managers through a searchable, user friendly and functional website. We also help the hotel professionals market and publicize their business worldwide.

TripLodgings is part of the worldwide network of vacation rentals and lodging directories, including such other online accommodation brands as and With over 200,000 vacation properties and hotels in 15,000 destinations, the network sites make it easy for travelers to find and contact value accommodations on the Internet. Together, over the past years, this network of lodging directories has helped over 5 million travelers find suitable accommodations online in more than 100 countries.

Planning a family trip or a getaway with friends can be a time-consuming process. Finding affordable flights and hotels takes a lot of time and energy. There are ways, however, to find accommodations fast and easily with such directories as TripLodgings. This brand new website offers an exclusive inventory of worldwide hotel accommodations; both luxury hotels for those who appreciate high standards as well as cheap hotels for travelers with tight budgets. Tourists can also find accommodations that best meet their needs including hotel suites, lodges and pet friendly hotels.

Accommodations are not only varied but are also located in thousands of destinations worldwide. Visiting TripLodgings travelers will be able to book a nice boutique hotel in France, family hotel in Florida and luxurious accommodation on Hawaii. From the large selection of downtown hotels, lake and mountain lodgings, we can surely find something that fits our requirements.

All hotels listed provide complete information that includes a picture gallery, full description, list of amenities and prices. Travelers can browse through destinations, select hotels and then inquire about them using an easy form. In case of any questions, a friendly team of customer service representatives is there to assist travelers.

TripLodgings is also an excellent flat-fee alternative for property owners and managers to list their hotels without having to pay commissions per bookings. Owners can easily sign up following a small questionnaire and then fully edit their listings in just a few minutes. Required information includes a property title and high-quality description, but owners can also add up to 15 photos without any additional cost. Subscriptions start at $39 for a 3-month ad, and you can feature in the home page for just $99 more.

This user-friendly directory follows a scheme of classifieds sites and allows owners to choose what kind of exposure they are interested to receive. There are several additional options to be positioned higher than a competition including home feature or special placement on the top of the location page. Owners can also add additional pictures, put their titles in bold or place special icon that will catch the attention of travelers.

Whether it is a luxurious beachside hotel in a resort city or a charming countryside inn, TripLodgings has a wide offer to select from. Even in the times of economic downturn, we can find lodgings that best suit our pockets.

We are a committed and experienced team of marketers, travel professionals and web enthusiasts who provide value and service to the hotel and vacation lodging industry. If you want to know more about us, or our services, please visit us at

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