Hawaii’s Big Island Family Vacation Trends on Comparison Shopping and Vacation Planning by Rentalo.com

Interests, Behaviors, and Preferences for Travelers and Vacationers Searching for Vacation Rentals, Hotels, and Bed and Breakfasts in the Big Island’s Top Vacation Destinations.

Miami, FL (PRESS RELEASE - February 9, 2010) – In an effort to better understand the demand and consumer habits of individual travelers and family vacationers, Rentalo.com; the leading online vacation rental and lodging directory, conducted market research studies on Hawaii vacation rentals and lodgings. These vacation rental analyses have been made publicly available to offer industry experts insightful information regarding the needs and habits of those in search of vacation rentals in Hawaii. The study was performed on the website’s database of 5,551 opted-in travelers who visited Hawaii from July 2008 to January 2010.

Travel experts, editors, and media publications interested in similar data pertaining to other vacation destinations, or related consumer data stats such as budget, amenities, length of stays, peak seasons, and inventory data should contact Rentalo directly.

Family Vacation Destination: Kailua Kona

The study data showed that Kailua Kona visitors like to compare offers from different lodging types.  63.52 percent of the travelers who inquired on Kailua Kona vacation rentals also accepted to receive offers from bed and breakfasts, and hotels.
Seventy-six percent also wanted to receive offers from Kealakekua, Captain Cook, Kona Coast, and Waikoloa.
More than half, 51.61 percent, of Kailua Kona vacation rental seekers sent requests 3 or more months prior to arrival date, 14.91 percent did it 1-2 months in advanced, and 30.46 percent with only 30 days left for arrival.
Thirty-seven percent of the total inquiries were from couples or parties of two, 22.65 percent were from families planning family vacations with children, 9.62 were business or solo travelers, and 30.04 percent were from people planning group getaways with 4 or more adults and children. 

Family Vacation Destination: Waikoloa

Waikoloa numbers revealed that visitors like to book ahead. 45.29 percent of those looking for Waikoloa vacation rentals, sent inquiries three or more months in advance of their stay, 27.95 percent did so within 30 days prior to the arrival date, and 23.30 percent were looking one to two months in advance.
Waikoloa visitors are also interested in comparing offers from different lodging types.  60.18 percent of the travelers looking for Waikoloa vacation rentals also accepted to receive offers from hotels and bed and breakfasts, and 51.42 percent accepted offers from nearby destinations like Mauna Lani, Kawaihae, and Kailua Kona.
According to the study, Waikoloa is popular among big groups. 50 percent of the inquiries were for groups of four or more people, while 36.05 percent were families with children, 13.13 percent were couples or parties of two, and solo travelers represented 9.12 percent.

Family Vacation Destination: Hilo

The study on Hilo revealed that 59.47 percent of the travelers who inquired on Hilo vacation rentals also wanted to compare offers from bed and breakfasts and hotels. About fifty-seven percent inquired for rentals 3 or more months in advance, 16.16 percent did it one to two months in advance, and 19.28 percent only 30 days prior to arrival date.
The study shows that most inquiries received were for couples and parties of two, 29.40 percent of the inquiries were from families with children, 47.56 percent from couples, 18.16 percent from people planning reunions of larger groups, and solo travelers represented 6.72 percent.
 “Understanding consumer trends are a vital process in satisfying customer demands,” says Gabriel Amorocho, Rentalo.com’s Marketing Manager. “www.Rentalo.com’s objective is to learn more about the vacation lodging dynamics, and share our findings with our inventory customers, and industry participants.”

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