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RENTALO.COM DEBUTS AFFILIATES PROGRAM FOR AGENTS, an Internet directory for vacation rentals that offers quick access to close to 100,000 rental homes, villas, apartments, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments in 15,000 locations in the U.S. and around the world, is introducing an affiliates program for travel agents that allows them to earn incentive commissions for every inquiry submitted. Through its pilot affiliates program, Rentalo provides agents with an incentive program for sales and a revenue generating opportunity. By taking advantage of the web site’s affiliates program, agents can receive incentive commissions for every public inquiry submitted by every agent and, at that same time, get up to 20 percent commission on rental bookings from property owners advertising on Rentalo. Other travel related e-commerce web sites--travel guides, tourist information sites, lodging directories, vacation rental sites and search engines or web portals--can also use Rentalo’s pilot affiliates program and increase revenues by simply referring visitors to Rentalo using a tracking code. Rentalo’s state-of-the-art tracking system allows the web site to keep account of the number of visitors received from each affiliate, and also tracks the number of accommodation inquiries generated by visitors referred by affiliate sites. At Rentalo, vacation and business travelers submit inquiries if they are interested in a specific destination or property listing. The pilot affiliates program will track the number of public inquiries generated by travel agents or e-commerce visitors and will pay a referral fee consisting of $1 per public inquiry submitted. Travel agents already registered on the site only need to contact Rentalo to register their tracking e-mail address or domain. Agents who want to register on for the first time can do so by clicking on the web address and then on the heading for travel agents. After contacting Rentalo, the agent creates the links to his or her site by using its affiliate tracking code. Rentalo’s engine will immediately start tracking the number of public inquiries submitted. Rentalo will generate traffic reports and process commissions check ($10 minimum) on a monthly basis. Travel agents use to find and book hotels, condos, villas, houses and other rentals for their clients. Rentalo allows agents to submit a “general” inquiry to a destination based on a given lodging criteria. The criteria are met with offers from vacation properties--houses, villas, condos, apartments--and from hotels and B & B's within the desired area. Agent commissions range from 5 to 20 percent. Rentalo gives agents the opportunity to contact several property owners directly, saving on referral fees. Agents can also receive a complimentary newsletter with the latest travel news and site updates. They can join Rentalo’s agent network in about 30 seconds, the time it takes to sign in and start taking advantage of the benefits in contacting properties that meet clients’ needs. The only requirement for agent membership in the network is an active industry certification such as IATA, CLIA and ARC. There is no charge to agents to use the site because Rentalo subscribers--the owners of the vacation properties--benefit from the inquiries generated by the agents. For more information, call 877-710-5914 or visit

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