Owners Help

Pricing Limitations When Using our Auto-Offer Feature

- If you offer a one (1) night minimum stay, you MUST include the price per night under "pricing"

If the you have a minimum night stay of 1 night, you MUST put nightly prices in order for the auto offer to work properly. If you have a minimum night stay of 1 night but only put a weekly price, the system will offer the property for the weekly rate divided by 7, even if the stay is less than a week.

- Only single unit pricing allowed (pricing for multiple units or rooms do not work with our auto offer)

Our pricing model was designed for a single unit per listing. Therefore, in order to take advantage of our auto-offer feature, we highly recommend that you only post pricing information for one unit or room type (preferably the most common one!).

This problem main affect properties who rent separate rooms such as b&bs and hotels. We are aware of this limitation and are working to expand these features to provide pricing & availability information for multiple units (or room types) per listing.

For example, many hotels & B&Bs have different rates for different types of rooms (units) such as:
Room A at $100 per night, Sleeps 2 max.
Room B at $200 per night, Sleeps 4 max.
Room C at $300 per nigh, Sleeps 3 max, and so on …

Again, in order to take advantage of our auto-offer feature (and save time responding to our general leads), we recommend that you choose one Room type. For example, if you select Room A above, you should configure your listing as follows:

Under Property Details (edit item # 1), select “2” as the Sleeps. If you uncheck the box that says “Receive inquiries for this number of sleeps (max.)”, you will also be able to receive inquiries for larger groups, if desired (but no auto-offers will be generated for larger groups).

You may also considering consider describing all the types of rooms available under “Description” or “Amenities”.

Under Pricing (edit item # 3), only include the pricing information for Room A – Use the comments field to identify the room type or number of sleeps, if desired.

Update your availability calendar (edit item # 4) for this room type (A) only.

You must have at least one day checked in order to be able to quality for turning the auto-offer feature ON.

Then, turn the Auto-Offer feature ON under edit item # 5.