Quality Index Help

1. What is the Quality Index

The index has been established to measure the quality of every property listing in Rentalo. Its goal is to increase the quality of Rentalo’s inventory and enhance its value for travelers. Quality index is determined by the number of points that you receive when you edit your property listing.

2. How can you benefit from the Quality Index

Quality index not only improves the experience of travelers who will have complete information about every property in Rentalo, but also helps you to increase your listing’s attractiveness and boost your bookings. The Quality Index will help you to:

3. How does it work

.Quality index is defined by points you receive for updating and completing each and every element of your property listing.

The main elements we measure are:

- Length of your property description

- Number of pictures in your slideshow

- Updated availability calendar

- Complete pricing schedule

We also distribute points among these additional elements:

- Uploaded property video

- Complete property map information

- Enabled traveler reviews

- Checked and described property amenities

- Checked and described things to do in your location

- Specified payment methods

- Complete contact information

- Filled meta title for your property

- Customized meta keywords for your property

- Added titles for every picture in your slide show

In total you can receive up to 100 points: 60 points for basic elements and 40 points for additional elements. This is how we distribute the points:

Basic Property Listing Elements
(Total max points: 60)

Additional Property Listing Elements
(Total max points: 40)

1. Property description.  Total max points: 15

* At least 500 characters – 3 points
* 500 to 1000 characters – 7 points
* 1000 to 1500 characters – 10 points
* more than 1500 characters – 15 points


1. Property video – 4 points
2. Property map – 4 points
3. Traveler reviews – 4 points
4. Amenities – 4 points
5. Things to do – 4 points
6. Payment methods – 4 points
7. Contact information – 4 points
8. Meta title – 4 points
9. Meta keywords – 4 points
10. Picture titles – 4 points

2. Property pictures. Total max points: 15

* 1-9 pictures – 3 points
* 10-12 – 7 points
* 13-15 – 10 points
* more than 15 pictures – 15 points

3. Availability Calendar.  Total max points: 15

* Updated 6 months ago - 5 points
* Updated 3 months ago - 10 points
* Updated 1 months ago - 15 points

4. Pricing Schedule.  Total max points: 15

* 1 pricing range - 5 points
* 2-3 pricing ranges - 10 points
* more than 3 pricing ranges - 15 points

4. How can you get more points

Familiarize yourself with our new point system and first update information of every basic element of your property listing:

- Improve your property description. See tutorial

- Add more high quality pictures. See tutorial

- Update your availability calendar by crossing out all the booked dates. See tutorial

- Add more pricing ranges if your prices vary depending on the season. See tutorial

Once you added all the above information and received 60 points, move on to additional elements of your property listing:

- Include a link of your property video. No tutorial yet

- Provide you address for your property map. See tutorial

- Encourage and post traveler reviews.

- Select your property amenities from the list and describe them. See tutorial

- Select things to do in your area and describe them. See tutorial

- Complete your contact information providing your name and telephone numbers. See tutorial

5. More resources that will help you edit your property listing

- Improve your Listing Help Page

We prepared this owner's help page for you to learn how to take a full advantage of all our editorial tools and how to increase your listing's attractiveness. Go through your listing point by point and get our tips on how to improve each section.

- Rentalo Blog for Property Owners

Visit our blog for property owners and read about the importance of editing your property listing. Learn how to market your property using video, high quality pictures and sophisticated description plus much more.

- Owner’s Tutorials

Visit our tutorials page and learn how to edit every element of your property listing using our easy step by step guides.

- Contact our Customer Service

Call our friendly staff at: 1-877-710-5914 // 1-305-558-5577, press option 2 if you need assistance with editing your property listing.