Rentalo "Refer an Owner" Promotional Links & Banners


When promoting's subscriptions, you can use text links such as:

- Advertise Your Property
- Promote your Vacation Property
- Get Unlimited Referrals
- Book your vacation property
- Free Email Marketing

With a link to docs/add_your_site.html

Text Links:
1. Advertise your vacation property at
2. Advertise in and get unlimited referrals, email marketing, and more.
3. Promote your Vacation Rental Online

Also use our logo

Or any of the following banners:

Button Unit
Button Unit
Dimensions: 125x125
File size: 8-10K Banner Unit - Standard
Banner Unit
Dimensions: 468x60
File size: 15K

Large Banner
Large Banner
Dimensions: 468x161
File size: 22K

Vertical Banner - 60 pixels
Vertical Banner 60 pixels
Dimensions: 120x60
Animated gif
File size: 20K
Vertical Banner - 240 pixels
Vertical Banner 240 pixels
Dimensions: 120x240
Animated gif
File size: 24K
Vertical Banner - 600 pixels
Vertical Banner 600 pixels
Dimensions: 120x600
Animated gif
File size: 37K

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