Katrina Victims and Volunteers Meet at Rentalo.com.

Rentalo.com will be donating $100 to the American Red Cross for each property that participates in our Katrina Housing relief efforts by providing temporary housing to a displaced person, couple or family that have been affected by this tragedy.


We have launched a special listing service to help victims of the Hurricane Katrina to find temporary housing. If you own or manage a vacation property, specially close to the gulf region, and would like to offer your property to victims of this disaster and provide temporary housing, please follow the steps below to add your property to the list of participating properties available to Katrina victims.

1) Login (http://my.rentalo.com)
2) Click "Properties"
3) Click "Edit/Manage"
4) Click "Pricing"
5) Check box next to "I want to volunteer this property (at little or no cost) to victims of natural disasters (e.g. Katrina)."

Note: Please note that you must have at least a description (edit item 1) in order to show in this list.

We realize that your vacation property may not be within the means of many of the people whose lives have been disrupted by this storm. However, we are hoping that some of our subscribers may be able to help those in need.

Rentalo Team