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Why use Rentalo?

Thanks for your interest in Rentalo! Rentalo is without question the largest, fastest growing, most relevant directory on the web for vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and lodgings, now with over 50,000 property listings in close to 10,000 destinations worldwide.


> How to use Inquiry Services?

First, you need to spend a worthwhile minute of your time filling out our RENTAL INQUIRY FORM Immediately upon submitting this form, we will contact sources of vacation rentals and other types of accommodations (such as hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, etc) in the location of your choice. Within minutes, you may start getting feedback from these sources, offering you detailed information about rates, availability calendars, property features, etc. Optionally, you can come back to Rentalo and edit your inquiry.  You will receive more details via email when you submit your inquiry. To get started, please click here.



> Tips and hints on searching for rental properties

We have provided a keyword search engine so that you may narrow down your searches to a specific topic that interests you. The keywords you enter will be searched in the Title, Category (a geographical area), Description, and Keywords section of every entry in our database. You may enter more than one keyword by separating multiple words using spaces in between (e.g., West Palm Beach). You may also search for a part of a word.   For example, the word "Cat" will find words like Category, Catalogue, Cats, etc. You may also search by navigating through the categories.


> How long should I wait for an answer?

Rentalo will use your inquiry's information to search our internal inventory of rental properties. If one or more rental properties meet your needs, you will be contacted by their owners within minutes and up to 24 hours.


> I cannot find a rental in your directory that meets my needs? Can Rentalo help me find it?

Rentalo has great news for you.  As a value-add service to our visitors, we have designed an easy-to-use inquiry system.  This system is intended to save you time and money when searching for a place to stay on your next vacation or business trip.  


> Why am I unable to resubmit an inquiry?

As a general rule, Rentalo restricts travelers and travel agents from submitting more than one inquiry in a particular location (Rentalo Category) with the same contact information (email address or phone number).  We only do this as a safeguard to avoid duplicate records in our Inquiries database.