Travelers Help

Expert Tips for Travelers to Save Time & Money when Booking Vacation Rentals or Short-term Accommodations

At Rentalo, there are a number of ways travelers can find the best values when booking a privately-owned vacation rental and short-term accommodation.
The approach would vary based on how much time does the traveler has available for planning a vacation getaway or business trip.

If the traveler has 2 months or more, we recommend subscribing to our Best Value Accommodations Newsletter and adding itineraries for the chosen destination(s). Within 24 hours upon adding an itinerary, the traveler will start receiving special offers with discounts of up to 80% on selected properties. Travelers can opt-in & out of destinations, select the type of property they are interested in, and even choose the dates of their trip.

If the traveler has less than 2 months to plan, our main suggestion is to click on the "inquire now " button on the destination of choice. Upon submitting an inquiry and verifying their email, travelers can start viewing offers online, and receive more offers via email from property owners and managers. Rentalo matches the traveler’s inquiry criteria with the criteria of the properties we have available, therefore travelers should only receive offers on properties that meet their inquiry's criteria.

In addition, we also provide a "SmartSearch" feature. This advanced search form allows travelers to perform a number of searches using filters such as:

Property type - selecting the types of properties they are looking for such as homes/houses, apartments/condos, B&Bs, hotels, etc.
Budget - specifying the max. Nightly budget to show only those properties that fit within their budget.
Keywords - if searching for a specific location, amenity, attraction, etc.
Occupancy - specifying the number of adults and children in the party.
Bedrooms - number of bedrooms needed.
Location attributes – selecting properties near beach, near water, etc.
Amenities – specifying all the required amenities a property should have such as a coffee maker, full kitchen, etc.
Things to do – selecting nearby attractions such as museums, shopping, etc.
Special Features – specifying whether a property welcomes children, accepts pets, etc.
Vicinities – adding nearby vicinities to travelers’ search.